Fighting for Web 3.0: Digital wallet wars are the new browser wars By Cointelegraph


Most people might not remember that websites once had icons that said, “This site has been optimized for Internet Explorer,” but, two decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon.

Just like today’s battle between Web 2.0 monopolies and Web 3.0 communities, at the beginning of the early consumer internet, there was a similar battle waged over who would own the portal to it: A closed-source global monopoly, or an open-source nonprofit.

Matt Luongo is the founder and CEO of Thesis, the crypto venture production studio behind Fold, Keep, tBTC, and Saddle. Since its inception in 2014, Thesis’s portfolio has served millions of users and holds over $300 million in total locked value, partnering with brands like Visa (NYSE:) to drive forward adoption of and other digital assets. Matt Luongo has been a serial entrepreneur for the last decade, and held multiple technical executive roles before entering the cryptocurrency industry full time in 2014. Matt holds a bachelor’s in computer science from Georgia Tech, and is based in Atlanta, GA, where he is a husband and father of two.