Top Blockchain Hackathons in 2022: A Guide for Blockheads


by anjali.n

December 23, 2021

Blockchain Hackathons

The word “blockchain” could have been a great runner-up to “pandemic” in the most used words of 2020. Such is the popularity of it and so is its significance. It is a time when growing businesses are swearing by blockchain technology and offering heavy incentives to budding blockheads to excel in the field and work for them. Blockchain hackathons are the go-to for such companies. These blockchain hackathon events allow enthusiasts to not only showcase their skills or build a portfolio but also network while winning exciting prizes. But why is this important? What lies beyond these blockchain hackathons is a vision: to democratize and raise awareness about the potential of a global innovation like blockchain technology.

From education, health, fintech, and whatnot– blockchain technology has had many takers in recent years. Big business stakeholders and university students alike are teaming up to create competent environments to explore applications of blockchain technology. As 2021 is drawing to a close, 2022 is another year of possibilities. And as the popularity of blockchain is increasing, so are the spaces that showcase learning, talent, vigoru, and potential. If you’re a blockhead who’s seeking the best blockchain hackathon projects to get hands-on experience, then this is a guide for you to global opportunities. Below is a blockchain hackathon list that will help you pick the best blockchain hackathons that are happening out there.


Future Blockchain Summit

Dated: 10-13 October 2022

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre

If you’re somebody who is looking beyond blockchain hackathons, ‘Future Blockchain Summit’ is just the right destination. One of the most popular blockchain hackathons, the event demonstrates vigour and potential behind blockchain technology The Hackathon would explore themes around Blockchain in Finance including DeFi, digital currencies, CBDCs, and blockchain applications beyond crypto and other use cases in the industry. Organised by the Dubai Government, the 4-day festival is a meeting ground for blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and investors. Conferences, hands-on workshops, tech shows, and exhibitions would be the added perks.


IOSD Winterlympics

Dated: 7-9 January, 2022

Location: Virtual

Do you know what is better than just blockchain hackathons? Virtual blockchain hackathons! The 2-day virtual event is organised by the ‘International Organisation of Software Developers (IOSD)’, an India-based, student-run, open-source developing platform. Apart from blockchain and cryptography themes, the hackathon also explores tracks around health, education, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, full-stack development, and cybersecurity. The first day would start with an orientation following which the coding phase would begin. The event is open for all and individuals can participate with a team of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members. The IOSD hackathon showcases one of the best blockchain hackathon projects in the country.


Convergence-Serum and Wormhole Hackathon

Dated: 7-31 January, 2022

Location: Virtual

The Convergence-Serum & Wormhole Hackathon is a global, cross-chain DeFi Hackathon that aims to attract Web2 and Web3 developers to contribute. The event is a collaboration between Serum, a decentralised exchange platform, and Wormhole, a decentralised cross-chain bridge that invites developers to build on the Solana blockchain. The blockchain hackathon would see jury members from the DeFi and CeFi communities. Raj Gokal from Solana Labs, Sam Bankman-Fried from FTX, Paul Veradittakit from Pantera Capital, and Matthew Graham from Sino Global are few who will be expected at the event.


Effect Network 1st Hackathon

Dated: Ongoing and ends on January 11, 2022

Location: Virtual

Garnering the status of future-of-work, effect network is a blockchain-based framework that is providing opportunities to all developers across the globe who can create innovative products. The blockchain hackathon event is open to developers at all levels who can help build decentralised apps on the company’s network. The blockchain hackathon is giving away over US$55k in cash prizes and more.  The end date of the event is January 11 2022 @ 6 pm CET.


Next Top TON Startup

Dated: Ongoing and ends on January 20, 2022

Location: Virtual

Next Top TON Startup is a three in one opportunity: a virtual hackathon, startup competition, and an accelerator program. The program aims to get entrepreneurs globally to build on the FreeTONblockchain. This is a wonderful opportunity for all blockchain enthusiasts who wish to showcase their skills in front of leading investors and industry experts. Blockheads can either participate solo or in a team. If you like to compete in different prize categories or get a chance to win crypto bounties, this is must be your gig.


Build StratisPlatform Hackathon

Dated: Ongoing and ends on January 30, 2022

Location: Virtual

Stratis is a leading player that works towards the adoption of blockchain technology. This is a limitless opportunity for developers with the only compulsion being that the submissions must use Stratisblockchain technology.  The event encourages submissions in the areas of gaming, NFTs, DeFi etc. Applicants are required to send a demo video containing a functional application if any.


NEAR MetaBUILD Hackathon

Dated: Ongoing and ends on February 10, 2022

Location: Virtual

This is an exciting hackathon series for anyone who is interested in building an app on NEAR or expanding the Open Web. The event caters to a wide audience, be it novice blockchain builders or crypto natives. The hackathon event is equally encouraging for non-blockchain users and new learners to use the platform.


AelfTop of OASIS Hackathon

Dated: Ongoing and ends on February 9, 2022

Location: Virtual

The blockchain hackathonis going to be organised by Aelf, an organisation that works in the area of cloud computing infrastructure. The aim of the hackathon, Top of OASIS, is to encourage the development of MetaVerse projects on the Aelf ecosystem. Individuals can get a chance to win prize money, meet with mentors and gain access to relevant tutorials.  The final results will be revealed on February 15, 2022.

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