10 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Courses to Take Up in 2022


cryptocurrency trading courses

These cryptocurrency trading courses aim to provide the maximum knowledge on the crypto market and trading

The year 2021 brought several milestones for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Global adoption for cryptocurrencies has accelerated in several countries like Vietnam, India, and USA, to name a few. Currently, crypto assets are treated as decentralized alternatives to fiat currencies. With the increased adoption of cryptocurrency, crypto traders are inventing various ways of using and investing in digital currencies, including starting crypto businesses. But investing or starting a business based on cryptocurrency and blockchain will require a minimum understanding of the domain. One of the many ways to get a basic understanding of crypto trading and investing is to sign up for a course. Investors can take up cryptocurrency trading courses to get a better trading experience and enhance profits. In this article, we enlist such top cryptocurrency trading courses that investors can take up to learn more about how to effectively trade in the market.


  • Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2022| Cryptolocally

Offered by: Udemy

In this article, the participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively trade digital currencies. The videos that accompany the course are designed for both beginner and expert traders. By signing up for this course, the learners will get more knowledge about cryptocurrencies, crypto trading, and margin trading. They will learn specific investment strategies for various digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptos by crypto investment specialists.


  • The Ultimate Forex Trading Beginners Guide

Offered by: Udemy

This course is designed for those who are completely new or have less experience in the Forex trading platform. This guide will provide the learners with a solid foundation that will help them to dive deeper into more advanced Forex trading, including risk management, smart money concepts, and more.


  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Buy, Sell, Trade Cryptocurrency

Offered by: Udemy

This course, again offered by Udemy, will help the learners to get a stronghold on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and the different ways in which digital currencies work. The course will help gain knowledge about how to start buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies, including how to safely trade cryptos and secure them from scammers.


  • Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing for Beginners

Offered by: Udemy

This course is designed to give the participants an overall skill set on how to analyse cryptocurrency markets, learn the different dynamics of the cryptocurrency market to gain an edge, identify the quality of the cryptos through fundamental analysis, and most importantly gain knowledge about the basic principles of surviving and thriving as an investor or trader.


  • Cryptocurrency Trading 101: Buy, Sell, Trade Cryptocurrency for Profit 

Offered by: Udemy

This Udemy cryptocurrency trading course will help participants to understand how the crypto market operates. The course will teach them how to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptos by using a combination of day trading and swing trading techniques and accurately reading market charts using candlestick analysis and technical analysis to time the entry and exit strategies accurately.


  • Cryptocurrency Foundations

Offered by: LinkedIn Learning

Cryptocurrency Foundations is a beginner cryptocurrency course that is available on LinkedIn Learning through a monthly or yearly subscription. It is a fairly short course that is designed to cover the fundamentals of cryptocurrency mining and trading and offers access to 8 other cryptocurrency courses consisting of almost 50 videos.


  • The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Offered by: Piggybacks

This is a comprehensive online training course with access to 33 training videos offering information on advanced cryptocurrency trading and technical analysis techniques. The course also provides training in trading view, reading candlestick charts, and other crypto trading topics.


  • Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading

Offered by: Udemy

The course teaches its learners to trade manually using 5 cryptocurrency trading strategies for Bitcoin and Ethereum, including tutorials on the top 5 robots in 2021. At the backbone of the course are five free downloadable EAs that let the users try advanced algorithmic trading without any programming skills.


  • Cryptocurrency Trading: Futures Trading Bootcamp

Offered by: Udemy

It is a newly launched program that is designed to teach everything about cryptocurrency futures trading. The participants will learn about the basics of technical analysis, crypto market psychology, how to trade on exchanges like Binance, and market strategies that will help them maximize returns.


  • Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Masterclass

Offered by: Udemy

The cryptocurrency trading masterclass is designed to teach about cryptocurrency trading and how to maximize profits by providing guaranteed tips on the technical analysis system for analysing the crypto market.

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