Top 10 Cryptocurrency Apps to Trade Multiple Tokens in 2022


by Sayantani Sanyal

January 4, 2022

cryptocurrency apps

These apps make cryptocurrency trading easier and more efficient

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies have become far more accessible to average individuals than it was before. Thanks to the emergence of advanced cryptocurrency apps that have made cryptocurrency trading and investing easier and more accessible. Currently, several brokerage firms are allowing investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, alongside stocks, mutual funds, and other investment assets on the same platform. Furthermore, some of the top crypto exchanges have also made user-friendly apps to encourage trading in multiple tokens. In this article, we have listed 10 such popular cryptocurrency apps that investors can use to trade multiple digital currencies in 2022.


Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. The platform also provides options for setting up recurring transactions for all the available currencies to help invest regularly. The app also enables setting up notification alerts for each cryptocurrency so that the application users do not miss on any investment opportunity.


Binance is an easy-to-use platform that offers several cryptocurrencies and has many altcoins options that are not available anywhere, which sets it apart from the rest of the crypto applications and platforms. The Binance app also supports distinct languages and has low fees.


Using this app, the investors can use over 200 cryptocurrencies and more than 20 fiat currency standards, which is possibly the most noteworthy circumstance to purchase altcoins. The app also ensures a secure and efficient one-stop shop for purchasing, sending, offering, and following cryptocurrencies.


CoinDCX is recognized as a versatile trading app for crypto assets in India. The app’s entire setup process is simplified allowing beginner and expert investing to start trading cryptocurrencies. Using the Indian currency standard, the users can deposit money using NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, UPI, or through a simple bank transfer.


eToroensures that its users become cryptocurrency professionals while trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. The app is user-friendly and gives wide access to the cryptocurrency market, its status, and real-time updates on coin movements. The application can sync the users’ portfolio in their mobiles, tablets, and desktops simultaneously.


ZebPay is another popular cryptocurrency exchange application in India. Besides, it is also one of the oldest crypto trading apps in the market. The users can sign up by inputting their full KYC details through their mobile numbers before they start trading.


Gemini combines many features and investment opportunities under one platform to provide a wholesome cryptocurrency trading experience to the users. Investors can use it to block, track, hold, sell cryptocurrencies, and set customized notifications to alert themselves when the market reaches its desired point.


The WazirX app enables investors to trade in various currencies, including the US dollar and INR. The users can buy more than 100 cryptocurrencies, with minimum charges of up to 0.2% in every transaction. One of its most popular features is to use earn coins through various contests that are available on the app.


Delta is a new cryptocurrency trading platform that has recently gained exponential popularity. More and more investors are getting attracted to this platform because it supports crypto trading bots. Some experts say that there are several other features that the Delta app offers which set it apart from other crypto apps.


Pionex is a unique automated crypto trading application that provides several automated and customized bots that can perform all the hard and laborious work. Besides a free sign-up, the users will also be subjected to using bots to create their investment strategies after matching their financial needs.

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