Green Chart (GREEN) Token Scam Or Legit? Future Price Prediction, Risk & Red Flags


After the massive fall in the cryptocurrency market last night, another day is not going to be comfortable for the investors because the market shows its another drop once again. Further in this article, you will read about is Green Chart Scam or Legit crypto project? Should you have in Green token and its future price prediciton.

As of January 7, 2022, the global crypto market cap is $2.01 trillion and totally, it was decreased by 1.44% in the last 24 hours. Due to the drop, many coins and token have been also dropped down and it seems that investors are planning to invest in these coins as soon as possible to gain massive profit from this coin in the cryptocurrency market. If you also come to the list who find some top trending tokens so, let’s share some details of a new token of the market.

Green Chart (GREEN) token is a new token of the cryptocurrency market and this is the most daring tokenomics of the market that has ever been seen. Many traders around the world are getting excited to know the details of the Green token such as its founds, details, performances, price prediction, scam or legit, red flags, and many more details. So, let’s check out some important details of the token here.

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What Is Green Chart Token?

Only one thing sells in the BSC and that is a green chart. This is the most daring tokenomics that we have ever seen. It takes 15% of all sales and rebuy their own token and then, burn the tokens. The token is designed to remove any extra sell pressure and also add extra buying pressure. The token is one of the few BSC projects with staking. With the reflection rewards for only staked tokens, it allows for the massive APY% rewards + tokens that can be sold.

The goal of the Green Chart is to build a global asset that anyone can purchase with no crypto experience. The company will develop its own mobile wallet application with a fiat buy button, which allows anyone from anywhere to own Green Chart with ease. The, a launch of a massive multimedia marketing campaign to markets outside the cryptocurrency space with the app. It will show the result in massive exposure, and makes Green Chart as a household name.

Green Chart token price prediction

The token has just recently been added to the cryptocurrency market and much information regarding to its launching, founder and many more have not been revealed yet. The graph chart shows that the token was added to the market on December 30, 2021, at $0.00001009.

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Green Chart Roadmap Strategy

The official website of Green Chart shows the roadmap of the token and it seems that it is going to be easy to understand that. Phase 1 shows “Create tokenomics and smart contract”, “Website and social media account”, “Telegram”, “Whitepaper/roadmap”, “Marketing plan/future vision”, “First introductory developer video” and “Implement staking”. In addition, to implement staking, all the tasks assigned in Phase 1 have a green tick, which means the company wants to show that Green Chart is about to complete its Phase 1.

After that, there are three more phases remaining to complete by the company and you can also check the phases on the official website of Green chart. Each phase shows more than seven tasks which is not hard to complete in the upcoming years. It seems that the company is just trying to attract their customers by showing their strategy. In Phase 4, the company shows its strategy including “Hire blockchain development company”, “100 million market cap”, “Finalise deal with”, “Begin building utility ecosystem”, and “Cross network bridges”.

Right now these are the things that are shown on their website. There is no guarantee that they will do what they say.

Green Chart Scam Or Legit

Mostly, when the token launches in the market, it also reveals that who is the founder of the token or coin. Not only this but most of the important details reveals by the company but we didn’t find any details regarding its launching and founder.

Half of the team is not known and those who have shown in the images are unknown persons. Their qualifications and LinkedIn have not been mentioned.

Green Chart crypto Scam Or legit

Some of the rumors are believing that the token is a scam and since the coin was launched, these rumors are rapidly increasing. It has not been proven that who is behind the founding of the token and when it was launched? On the other side, the token is available on PancakeSwap(V2). You can also check the graph of the token and get to know the situation here.

GREEN Token Red Flags

Many cryptocurrencies have been added to the list of the most corrupted and illegal crypto coins on the market. After analyzing the market and situation of the recent market, Green Chart is also becoming a name of the list. Do most people want to know that is it safe to invest in this token? Is token worthy for a long investment? Well, we need to clear some doubt of our readers:

  • Unknown Team
  • The Green Chart token is just available on a decentralized exchange on PancakeSwap (V2)
  • The website is designed unprofessionally
  • No solid roadmap and impressive future plans
  • The value of the token is too low
  • No use case of the token
  • Poor road map
  • An audit report from an untrusted company named Tech Rate
  • Right now 2 wallets hold a total of 10% of the total supply.
  • The token is only on BSC
  • No centralized exchange has listed the token yet.

If you are planning to invest in this coin so, you need to keep this points in your mind before making any investment in this type of cryptocurrency of the market. You can check the current status of the digital coin on several platforms.

Green Chart Positive Side

As we have shared above that the token is not valuable. People always check some recent details of the token before investing. According to the above-given points, it doesn’t look that there is any kind of positive side of the token because if the traders will invest in this token so, the investment of the traders will sink totally.

Green Chart Price Prediction

Scam tokens have recently shown huge gains in the past to attract new investors. Later on, these tokens just crash or we see a slow rug pull. This indicates that Greenchart price will pump and later on we will see a crash as well. If you invest in this token there is a high chance that you will lose your money.


In case you are still thinking that whether the is Green Chart token scam or legit here we will sum up. We have shared all the latest information on the token above and if you want to know more about the token, you may also check the current situation of the token from several websites and its official website as well. After analyzing and checking all the current information, we don’t want to believe that the token will ever be successful on its roadmap or else this token will not have any market value in the coming time. Still, if you wanna take a risk then consider putting a small amount of your portfolio you will then thank us later.

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