How to Buy Cosmos Coin 2022


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January 7, 2022

Cosmos Coin

For the past one year since its launch, Cosmos Coin is making recording amazing improvement

Cosmos (ATOM) is a popular cryptocurrency that has experienced rapid growth over the prior 12 months. 

If you’re wondering how to buy Cosmos safely – this guide will show you how to complete your purchase in under five minutes with a regulated online broker.   

Cosmos Coin

Where to Buy Cosmos (ATOM)

You’ll need to know where to buy Cosmos (ATOM) safely and in a low-cost manner before you proceed to open an account with an online crypto broker. The best platforms for this purpose can be found below. 

  • eToro – Overall Best Place to Buy Cosmos Safely in the US
  • Webull – Buy Cosmos With Small Stakes
  • Coinbase – Buy Cosmos Instantly With a Debit Card
  • Binance – Top Exchange to Buy Cosmos With Crypto
  • Kraken – Buy ATOM via a Secure Broker  

The above Cosmos brokers and exchanges are reviewed in the sections below. 


Where to Buy Cosmos Coin – Top Exchanges Reviewed

When learning where to buy Cosmos (ATOM) – it is crucial that you choose a trusted platform to complete your purchase. 

Your chosen platform should also offer low fees and accept your preferred deposit method. 


1. How to Buy Cosmos on eToro

Cosmos Coin

We found that eToro is the overall best place to buy Cosmos in the US. This top-rated brokerage site is regulated by several tier-one bodies – including the SEC. This means that you can buy Cosmos safely from the comfort of your home. In terms of fees, eToro operates a spread-only pricing model that starts at just 0.75% on crypto purchases.

eToro is also widely looked for people who want to buy Bitcoin instantly in the UK, or by those who want to buy other cryptocurrencies.

You can also invest from just $10 when buying Cosmos, as eToro supports fractional purchases. In addition to Cosmos, eToro is home to lots of other digital currencies. This includes everything from Bitcoin and Litecoin to Dogecoin and AAVE. Furthermore, you can also invest in diversified cryptocurrency portfolios that are professionally managed by the eToro team.         

Cosmos Coin

In terms of getting started and opening an account – the process typically takes just five minutes at eToro. You can add funds to your account via a debit or credit card, e-wallet, or bank wire. All USD deposits and withdrawals are processed fee-free at eToro. It’s also been said that the eToro wallet is one of the best crypto wallets for their users, which allows them to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies on the eToro exchange. Finally, eToro also offers an iOS/Android mobile app – so you can also buy and sell Cosmos on the move.

Buy Cosmos on eToro.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.


2. How to buy Cosmos on Webull

Cosmos Coin

You can also buy Cosmos from leading online broker Webull – which is SEC-regulated and FINRA-registered. There is no minimum deposit to meet when opening an account and you add funds via ACH or bank wire. Debit/credit cards are not supported – so instant purchases of Cosmos are not possible. 

Cosmos Coin

Nevertheless, you can buy Cosmos at Webull without paying any commissions. Instead, you only need to cover the spread – which averaged 1% on crypto purchases. In addition to Cosmos, Webull offers a selection of other digital currencies. You can also buy and sell US-listed stocks, ETFs, and options. 

Buy Cosmos on Webull.

Your capital is at risk.


3. How to buy Cosmos on Coinbase   

Cosmos Coin

Coinbase is a good option if you are looking to buy Cosmos quickly and conveniently. This is because on average, it takes just 10 minutes to get set up with a verified account and you can use a debit card to complete your purchase instantly. However, we should note that Coinbase is super expensive – as you will pay a transaction fee of 3.99% when using a debit card. 

Cosmos Coin

On the other hand, Coinbase is renowned for offering a safe and secure way to buy cryptocurrencies. Your account will be protected by two-factor authentication and IP address whitelisting. Coinbase also keeps 98% of client digital assets in cold storage at all times. You can also download the Coinbase app to trade crypto on the go.  

Buy Cosmos on Coinbase.

Your capital is at risk.


4. How to buy Cosmos on Binance 

Cosmos Coin

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that is home to the largest trading volume in this industry. It also serves more than 100 million client accounts from around the world. This platform has a dedicated subsidiary that is tasked with facilitating US client accounts. As such, you can use Binance to buy Cosmos in the US with ease.

Cosmos Coin

With that said, Binance is more suited for crypto-to-crypto trades. For instance, if you already own Bitcoin or Binance Coin, you can instantly exchange these tokens for Cosmos at a commission of just 0.10%. Debit card deposits are also supported on the Binance US platform. In addition to Cosmos, you will find hundreds of crypto pairs supported. 

Buy Cosmos on Binance.

Your capital is at risk.


5. Kraken – Buy ATOM via a Secure Broker 

Cosmos Coin

Kraken is a top-rated broker and exchange that offers a wide range of digital currency markets – including Cosmos. In particular, Kraken is a good option for those of you that have little to no experience in the cryptocurrency scene. This is because the platform is simple to use and it comes packed with educational guides.

Cosmos Coin

In terms of buying Cosmos, US clients are limited to FedWire. You can, however, deposit funds via crypto. As such, if you already hold a popular token like Bitcoin or USDT – you can easily swap it for Cosmos. Finally, Kraken has a great reputation in the crypto space and as such – you can buy Cosmos in a safe and secure environment. 


How to Buy Cosmos (ATOM) – Tutorial

If you need some assistance in the field of how to buy cryptocurrency, or completing your investment – this part of our guide will show you how to buy Cosmos safely with top-rated broker eToro. 

This popular broker requires a minimum trade size of just $10 and you deposit funds in USD fee-free.     


Step 1: Open an Account 

You will first need to open an eToro account – which should take no more than a couple of minutes. Simply enter your personal information and choose a suitable username.        

You also need to provide your social security number and email address.      

Cosmos Coin

Step 2: Upload ID 

If you’re looking to buy Cosmos in the US with fiat money – you need to verify your identity before proceeding. For this, upload a copy of your government-issued ID.   


Step 3: Deposit Money  

Choose from a debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer to deposit funds. The minimum at eToro is $50.    


Step 4: Search for Cosmos 

In the search box at the top of the page, enter ‘Cosmos’.

Cosmos Coin

Next, click on the ‘Trade’ button.       


Step 5: Buy Cosmos

Finally, in the ‘Amount’ box, specify your investment size. The minimum at eToro is $10. 

Cosmos Coin

Then, click on ‘Open Trade’ to complete your Cosmos purchase.  

Buy Cosmos on eToro.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.


What is Cosmos Crypto?

Cosmos is a digital asset project that aims to connect competing blockchains that currently – are unable to communicate with one another. 

This is known as interoperability in the blockchain space and many believe that creating a more connected industry is crucial for the development of digital currencies. 

The project is home to its very own native cryptocurrency – ATOM. Cosmos first hit public exchanges as recently as 2019, albeit, its value has since skyrocketed. Learn more about Cosmos and view some ATOM price predictions based on technical analysis.


Why Buy Cosmos Crypto?

There are several reasons why the price of Cosmos has performed so well over the prior 12 months. If you’re still not sure whether Cosmos is the right crypto asset for your portfolio – consider the points outlined below. 


Price Action

The first thing to note about Cosmos is that this cryptocurrency has generated attractive returns since it was launched in 2019. Back then, you would have paid in the region of $7 per token. Fast forward to 2022 and Cosmos is now trading at over $42. 

This represents gains of over 500% in just under two years of trading. Although these gains are not as significant as other digital currencies in the market – this still outperforms traditional stock indices by some distance.


Highly Liquid

Due to the rapid growth of Cosmos in recent months, this digital currency can now be purchased at many major exchanges and brokers. Furthermore, Cosmos carries a multi-billion dollar market capitalization.   

And as such, buying this digital asset could not be easier. Perhaps even more importantly, with so much liquidity in the market, you will never struggle to offload your Cosmos tokens when you are ready to sell. 



It goes without saying that the underlying technology supporting Cosmos is super innovative. In the current marketplace, connecting transactions across the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains would require a token to be pegged on each corresponding network. 

For example, 1 BTC could equate to 1 WBTC. However, in the case of Cosmos, its interoperability technology has the potential to directly connect blockchain networks without needing to initiate a pegging system. 


Cosmos Price

The price of Cosmos will be determined by the number of buyers and sellers in the market at any given time. 

Like any other financial instrument, when the general sentiment on Cosmos is positive, this can have the desired impact of seeing the digital token increase in value. 

The price of Cosmos can fluctuate between exchanges. But, with such a large market…

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