10 Most Asked Curious Cryptocurrency Questions with Answers



The rise of cryptocurrency has brought with it a series of important questions from curious investors.

Cryptocurrency is a curious topic. Emerging and existing investors have several questions about the internal operations of blockchain and digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are now considered to be ‘digital gold’ mainly because it is a secure investment and is free of political bias. Since the crypto market’s phenomenal growth in 2017, more and more businesses and individuals have grown curious about its purpose and functionalities. The decentralized nature of the assets has also led central bankers and regulators to be highly suspicious about its impact on the financial market, and rightly so given its history for terror financing or use of major decentralized cryptocurrencies on the dark web. In this article, we have listed some curious cryptocurrency questions with answers that are most asked by industry enthusiasts.


  • What questions do I ask about cryptocurrency?

For crypto beginners, the domain might seem quite intimidating at the initial stage. To even begin learning about the blockchain and cryptocurrency field might feel like a struggle. So expert investors believe that the initial questions that crypto novices ask should be concerning the industry’s role in their current financial strategies and goals. They should know more about beginner risks, where to buy cryptos, and then curate a strategy.


  • How are cryptos different from blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies are much different from blockchain. Decentralized digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum run on blockchain technology. Blockchains are basically designed to use cryptos to write transactions on the network.


  • Apart from being a payment system, what are the other functions of cryptocurrencies?

The value of the cryptocurrency can be pegged to an underlying currency standard like the US dollar, INR, and other tokens like utility, governance, NFTs, privacy coins, central bank digital currencies, and others. Besides, many investors use cryptocurrencies as long-term assets and a store of value instead of traditional investment assets like gold or utility bonds.


  • Are cryptocurrencies taxable?

Cryptocurrency taxes depend on how each government envisions the function of the crypto market in the country’s financial economy. Some cryptos are taxable, like in the US, where the IRS considers cryptos as properties, and hence, holders are subjected to certain property taxes. Many companies have emerged that aim to manage crypto-filling activities for investors, but they should be wary of such companies because ultimately the responsibility lies on them.


  • Should we be worried about the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies like the global governments?

Yes. But all technologies pose certain risks. The government is worried about the use of digital currencies in terror financing, their use in the dark web, along the negative impact of crypto mining on our environment. But all global government institutions are working out and innovating new ways to mitigate these issues for increased adoption.


  • Are cryptocurrencies used for illegal purposes?

Cryptocurrencies operate on a decentralized network, which means it lacks a centralized authority. Crypto holders can perform transactions without actually revealing their identities, which is why the market gained a reputation to be a hub for illegal practitioners. But, the blockchain network publicly records every transaction. These transactions or payments can be traced back to a crypto exchange that can identify the end-users.


Crypto wallets are accounts where investors can store their cryptocurrencies more securely than exchanges. Investors and traders can hold their wallets through an exchange wallet, custody wallet, or outside the exchange. There are different types of wallets like hot, cold, and hybrid, which crypto novices and experts chose according to their own preference.


  • What are the most popular cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is the most widely used and trusted cryptocurrency in the market. Along with it Ethereum, Solana, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and Cardano, are some of the other popular cryptos. Currently, there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the market. So, aspiring investors should evaluate the risks of investing in their chosen cryptos and then dive into the market.


  • Can my crypto account get hacked?

Quite frankly, many investors have faced crypto scams and account hacks. Cryptocurrency crimes are a reality now. Aspiring individuals who are deciding to jump into the market should only choose trusted crypto exchanges with robust security measures that will protect the investors’ money and personal data.


  • Are cryptocurrencies energy efficient?

Some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin require a high amount of energy to be mined. However, the emergence of more advanced technologies has begun to address this issue and reduce or minimize the carbon footprint while mining cryptos.

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