Stock Rover Review 2022


Stock Rover is an advanced stock screener and portfolio analysis tool, with charting and news alerts. It offers in-depth research and analyst ratings for a broad variety of investments—with a few notable exceptions, like forex, futures, options and cryptocurrencies.

Whether you’re an experienced day trader or just starting out, you can benefit from Stock Rover’s valuable, high-quality tools and data, which go above and beyond the defaults available on the typical brokerage platform.

The platform offers a range of monthly or annual paid subscriptions, as well as a free version. As you’d expect, the more you pay, the more you get. Serious investors could justify the high costs of the platform’s more comprehensive plans whereas beginners most likely can get by with a basic or even a free plan.

Stock Rover does not offer brokerage services and cannot process trades, so users need to have a separate brokerage account. Opening both a brokerage account and a Stock Rover account may not always be an optimal arrangement for novice investors who want to keep things simple, while advanced traders might prefer a trading platform that already includes the necessary tools and research resources.

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