Why a Little-Known CD Token Is Poised to Be the Top Performing CryptoCurrency of 2022


Last updated: 1/13/2022

The evolution of cryptocurrencies continues at a rapid pace. It is this growth in complexity that has made trading in cryptocurrency difficult for many. This has led to innovations that make trading with cryptocurrency much easier and just as profitable. CD (certificate of deposit) tokens are the future and are set to take the cryptocurrency space by storm. In 2022, Daxe is rapidly growing and is the first multi-chain CD token available. Hex inspires this brilliant token.

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How Daxe Has Been Inspired

As a pioneer in CD tokens, Hex has done 10,000x in gains, and Daxe is next in line to achieve this level of results. Hex has been groundbreaking, especially for those who took the initiative when it just came out and were first to make a purchase. These early birds are now reaping the massive rewards of the first blockchain CD tokens. Right now, there are more than 200,000 wallets that own Hex and are benefiting from its high interest, no minimum decentralised design.

There is a chance that you missed this fantastic offering. Consider the benefits you may have experienced if you bought at the bottom and sold your stake now. On average, Hex stages 40% interest each year. Now is the time to get back in the game and purchase the next big thing right out the gate.

What to Expect from Daxe

Daxe is moving cryptocurrency trading up to the next level. It is the first multi-chain certificate of deposit taken that is inspired by the success of Hex. It offers interest earnings paid daily, features very low transaction fees and enables you to multiply your holdings over chains.

Daxe has currently had 3 incredibly successful launches on BSC, Avax and most recently on Polygon.  It will be launching on Pulsechain in the coming months.

How Much Can You Earn Through Daxe

The key takeaway that you must note is that your earnings are set to double every month. With this type of return, your initial investment can grow exponentially from the start of the year right through to the end. So by the close of 2022, you will be celebrating your Daxe returns with the same enthusiasm that Hex buyers are celebrating now.

With Daxe, you will be able to purchase on one chain and then get allocations on newly added chains for even greater benefits in the future. With the locked liquidity for 5555 days feature, the velocity of your tokens will be low. The value will continue to increase as the scarcity remains high through staking, which holds the price up. This is the most significant advantage that long term holders can benefit from.

Recent Results

Daxe first launched on BSC on November 12 and at it’s all time high reached an astonishing 437x.   The next chain in line to launch was AVAX on December and it followed in BSC’s footsteps by proceeding to reach an all time high of over 337x!   Polygon launched on January 13th of 2022 and at it’s peak did over a 111x  (with plenty of gains still to come).

Between the first 2 chains (BSC and AVAX) as of the date of this publication there are almost 3,000 stakes with an average staking length of almost 4 years! (3.69 to be exact).  Remarkable results for such an early stage project.
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The Bottom Line

These are significant advantages to choosing CD tokens in 2022. The returns that you can achieve will be life-changing. It is important to note that Hex is the pioneer, and since it has appreciated so much, investors today may not receive massive returns. However, with Daxe, you still have the opportunity to enjoy the gains as you get in early. Now is the time to purchase Daxe as you move into 2022. As the first multi-chain CD token, you can look forward to a worthwhile wait with daily returns.

Look for price parity to start to happen between all chains in the coming months as even more people stake and start to become aware of this hidden gem.

You do not need to be a large investor to benefit from these CD Tokens. Even small players can purchase stakes because of the low transaction fees. Think about what you want the end of 2022 to be like with financial gains and make the right investment decision now.

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