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The latest monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) data published on January 12, 2022 provided relief for bitcoin.

Although the figure is down to a 0.5% monthly rise, it remains high and calls for attention. Due to the data, the price of bitcoin saw a 2.65% increase to $43,800, while the price of Ethereum gained over 4% to $3,400. Meanwhile, the stock markets recovered slightly.

The analyst believe BTC could soon reach $75K

In the last two weeks, bitcoin and major altcoins have crashed over 10%, inciting widespread fear among investors. Just a month ago, analysts were still making bold predictions that bitcoin could reach $100,000 in 2022.

The recent crashes clearly busted some bubbles and invited more gloomy or realistic predictions. Even so, Seba Bank CEO Guido Buehler opined that bitcoin could soon reach $75,000. 

“Our internal valuation models indicate a price right now between $50,000 and $75,000,” said Guido Buehler on January 12th. “I’m quite confident we are going to see that level. The question is always timing.” At the same time, the CEO cautioned that volatility remains high in the bitcoin market. 

A death cross coming?

However, despite the slight bounce, the market is still in extreme fear, with the fear and greed index pointing at 21. Any price plunge or bearish news now could induce another sell-off. On the daily chart, bitcoin is close to forming a classic death cross, usually indicating a bear trend. 

Based on Investopedia, “a death cross is a technical chart pattern indicating the potential for a major sell-off.” It occurs when a short-term moving average (in this case, the 50-day MA) crosses below a long-term moving average (the 200-day MA). A death cross usually happens when the buying power is weak, and liquidity is low – perfect opportunities for bears to push down the price. 

Regulation upgrade

Meanwhile, bitcoin continues to be hit by governments and regulations. For example, Kosovo announced on January 4, 2022 that bitcoin mining would be banned due to the energy crisis. Indeed, the energy crisis is brewing strong globally, especially in Europe.

Tensions with Russia, which contributes one-third of natural gas in Europe, are causing the price of gas to soar, which could pose a challenge to bitcoin mining which is infamous for its high energy consumption. In addition, Pakistan has decided to issue a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies. All these are factors that could induce panic in the market. 

How to prepare for market swings? 

It seems that the next weeks would be challenging and wild for bitcoin. In times of uncertainty, a good way to survive is to diversify our strategies and portfolios. It is important to figure out your risk tolerance and only invest money you can afford to lose. Here are two options worthy of considering.

Option 1: A wallet designed for traders and hodlers

An interest wallet is a safe haven to store your bitcoin. With up to 21% annualized interest, you can grow your wealth without taking the risks of trading. You can withdraw your deposit anytime you want or transfer the bitcoin into the trading account instantly.

Option 2: Managing trading with lower risk

Futures trading enables traders to earn profits regardless of which direction bitcoin goes. By predicting the right trends of Bitcoin’s price, traders can earn greater returns within a shorter period of time. What’s more, there is 100 times leverage used to maximize traders’ profits.

Assume we used 1 BTC to open a short contract when bitcoin was trading at $45,000. Please note that with 100x leverage, 1 BTC can open a contract worth 100 BTC. 

When the price of bitcoin dropped to $40,000. The profit will be ($45,000 – $40,000) * 100 BTC/$40,000 *100% = 12.5 BTC. It means we made a profit of 12.5 BTC with only 1 BTC!

Bexplus offers 100x leverage in BTC, ETH, DOGE, ADA, and XRP futures contracts. No KYC is needed and it is available to traders from the U.S. If you are a beginner, the demo account is really useful for you to improve your skills trading in a real environment without worrying about losing money. 

 Advantages of Bexplus

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