Solrise Hires TradFi Exec To Bring Solana DeFi To Institutional Players


TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / January 15, 2022 / Solrise is proud to announce the expansion of its team through the hiring of Joseph Edwards who will join as Head of Financial Strategy. Edwards, the former Head of Research of crypto brokerage firm Enigma Securities, will help Solrise grow and expand its ecosystem of products and services.

Solrise continues to push the boundaries of decentralized finance products and solutions on the Solana blockchain. The project is off to a strong start through its various products, including Solrise Finance and the ecosystem of permissioned protocols accessible through Solrise Pulse.

To enhance the appeal of these products, Solrise has hired Joseph Edwards. As the former Head of Research for institutional crypto brokerage firm Enigma Securities, Mr. Edwards provides the necessary expertise to take Solrise to the next level. Moreover, he is well-versed in the institutional space, an ecosystem that can benefit tremendously from exciting opportunities in the world of decentralized finance.

Joseph Edwards comments on the hire:

“I am extremely pleased to be joining Solrise as the company looks to build out its institutional and retail offerings. I have been excited by the potential of development on Solana for a couple of years now, and the opportunity to help build in a DeFi ecosystem that remains nascent, and to play a small part in bringing it beyond that nascency, is a welcome prospect indeed.”

Solrise Finance, Solrise’s flagship product, specialises in providing non-custodial asset management solutions for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is a powerful solution to bring more mainstream and institutional investors into the DeFi space to access native and synthetic assets.

Furthermore, the company is building out Solflare, a non-custodial digital wallet for the Solana ecosystem. The solution operates in a cross-platform manner, enabling future growth. Solrise’s focus on building the central pillars of the Solana ecosystem paves the way for broader adoption of the technology and highlights the benefits of the Solana ecosystem.

Solrise, together with Civic Technologies, launched the first on-chain decentralized exchange on Solana in September 2021. Access to the DEX occurs through permissioned access tied to digital identity. A permissioned DEX helps address growing regulatory scrutiny and brings more legitimacy to the broader DeFi space. The Solrise DEX is intended as the first step in building out an ecosystem – Solrise Pulse – to allow accredited, institutional clients safe access to decentralised markets.

For Solrise, the mission is to bridge the world of institutions to DeFi without compromising decentralization. Solana is a familiar DeFi ecosystem for traditional finance, allowing solutions like Solrise DEX to become a significant hub for institutions seeking to explore opportunities in the decentralized finance space. The hiring of Joseph Edwards will play a key role in these proceedings.

About Solrise Finance

Solrise is taking DeFi in a new direction. By leveraging Solana’s high speed, low-cost, and low friction blockchain technology, Solrise aspires to help all investors participate in DeFi, looking to work through and remove specific barriers for small and large investors alike.

With its flagship products, Solrise Finance (decentralized non-custodial asset management services that invite anyone to create, manage, and invest in portfolios of native and synthetic assets), and Solflare (a cross-platform Solana-native digital wallet with over $11bn staked), Solrise is building the central pillars of the Solana ecosystem, both for retail users, and for institutional users through its Pulse permissioned ecosystem.

With a focus on transparency, speed, and security, Solrise embraces the best DeFi and CeFi features to incentivize participation from all manner of DeFi participants.


Filip Dragoslavic

SOURCE: Solrise

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