Apex Legends Season 12 release date – new legend, modes, and weapons


Want to know more about Apex Legends Season 12? 2021 was a big year for EA’s battle royale game as Apex Legends received its first non battle royale mode in the form of Arenas. The updates didn’t stop there, as four new characters were introduced and a new island map named Storm Point was added to the game. The new content was well-received by players, with Apex Legends seeing its highest player count ever on Steam.

Season 12 looks like it’s going to include some exciting additions to the game, assuming the data leaks are correct. Last year kicked off with a bang as Fuse, the explosives expert from the planet Salvo, joined the Apex Games. Judging by the latest rumours, Mad Maggie, Fuse’s best friend, could be added to the ever growing roster as the next Legend.

Based on information the developers shared last year, we know Respawn is working on adding cross-progression and a next generation update. These features were supposed to arrive back in 2021 but were delayed until 2022, so there’s a chance they could be part of Season 12. Here’s everything we know about Apex Legends Season 12, including what character might join the cast, which weapons have been leaked, and any new information.


The Apex Legends Season 12 release date is likely to be February 9. The current season is set to end on February 8 – usually new Apex Legends seasons start up the day after the previous one finishes.


The latest data mined information from Shrugtal has revealed that Mad Maggie’s trackers, skydiving animations, and some of her voice lines have been added to the game files. This usually indicates that a new character is coming in the next month or two. Maggie has been involved with the Apex Legends lore already – shortly after Fuse joined the Apex Games, Maggie hosted her own Ring Fury takeover event.

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Players that pay attention to the Apex Legends lore may have assumed Maggie fell to her death in the final panel of the in-game Armageddon comic. If there’s one thing watching TV has taught us over the years, it’s to never believe someone is dead until you see a corpse. You can learn more about Mad Maggie and her abilities by heading over to our next Legend guide.


A recent update to the PlayStation Store reveals the existence of a PS5 version of Apex Legends. This heavily suggests the next generation update is going to launch alongside Season 12. There’s a chance this update could introduce new visual enhancements to the PC version, though the changes won’t be too drastic as Apex Legends still needs to run on low end computers.


There are several Apex Legends characters that haven’t received balance changes for some time now. It appears that the developers are being cautious when it comes to making any adjustments as competitively, the game is in a good place right now. While there have been calls to buff Mirage as his kit is a bit too gimmicky, Crypto may be in line for the next set of balance changes.

One of the legends in Apex Legends, Crypto

Back in July 2021, John Larson, Respawn’s live balance designer, confirmed on the Apex Uncut podcast that the team were looking at ways to buff Crypto. The recon Legend does well competitively, but his abilities have sidelined the character, as some players consider his playstyle to be not as exciting as the rest of the Legends. Larson had this to say about altering Crypto’s abilities: “When assessing how to make him [Crypto] a bit sexier, I think streamlining the flow between Crypto mode and drone mode, and maybe distributing that power in a more healthy way, so it’s not quite as binary, would be a nice way of approaching that.”


Shrugtal discovered information in the game files prior to the launch of Season 10 which strongly suggested a new game mode was in the works. This mode appears to be similar to Domination in the Call of Duty games – players are tasked with capturing three set locations on the map. In a video released back in September, Shrugal talked about this upcoming mode and how it would likely launch in Season 12 or 13.

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Respawn has mentioned in the past that they want to create more modes outside of battle royale. The Domination-style game mode would be the main talking point in Season 12, and there’s no chance of a new map coming any time soon as Storm Point launched last season. In addition to all of this information, Josh Medina, producer at Respawn, has been dropping hints on his Twitter page about a new game mode arriving in Season 12.


The latest Stories from the Outlands video featuring Bangalore’s brother revealed a new pistol. Reddit user iranoutofnamesnow pointed out the similarities between the pistol used by the unnamed pilot and the Smart Pistol from Titanfall. There’s some speculation that the Smart Pistol is being reserved for a future Legend down the line, but this seems unlikely as most ultimates have some form of counterplay to them.

In case you’re unaware, the Smart Pistol was so powerful in Titanfall 1 that the devs turned it into a killstreak weapon in Titanfall 2. If the pistol does somehow make its way to Apex Legends, there’s a very good chance it’s only going to hold a handful of bullets.

That’s everything there is to know about Apex Legends Season 12. If you haven’t jumped into the battle royale game for a while and you’re looking for a competitive edge, read our Apex Legends tier list to discover which Legends are the best to use. Want to play something entirely different? Pick one of the titles from our best multiplayer games list to tuck into some PvP action.

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