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As the representative of the global professional ASIC Ethereum Mining Rigs, and also the JASMINER standing on the cusp of public opinion, the innovative launch of each product or technology is very topical. Starting from 2021, the brand image of JASMINER will become more and more popular, and its brand expression will become more and more powerful in the global Mining Rigs market. Especially when the recent Ethereum market is booming, the popularity of JASMINER can be said to be unprecedentedly high.

Especially after the release of “JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server”, there was a lot of international voices. For ordinary miners, the extremely power-hungry situation of mining under the same computing power was finally broken.

“Low hashrate and high power consumption” have always been the two major pain points in the field of global Ethereum Mining Rigs. Today’s JASMINER has perfectly solved these two problems both superficially and deeply. Its products focus on “high hashrate and low power consumption”. Under the same power consumption, its hashrate is six times that of other products.

The impact of this series of developments is that JASMINER’s products are more and more popular with miners all over the world. This would have been a good thing, but recently, JASMINER’s  products have received a lot of controversy.

Recently, some people have used anonymous accounts to slander JASMINER on the Internet public platform. The general view expressed is: JASMINER products are cloud hashrate.

According to JASMINER official data and user evaluation feedback, all JASMINER products use self-developed high-throughput computing chips with integrated storage and computing. The chip adopts 3DIC technology, so that the computing unit and the storage unit are integrated in the same chip, the communication path is shortened and the bandwidth is improved. This is like two relatives, “computing” and “storage”. In the previous chip, when they “visited each other”, they needed to go through a long line through mountains and mountains. Now, after the application of the “integration of storage and calculation” technology, the two are gathered in “a yard”, which makes the communication of data more convenient. Thanks to the two highlights of path advantages and technological innovation, JASMINER X4 has achieved the ultimate reduction in power consumption and continued to lead the industry market. Therefore, the rumor that “JASMINER products are cloud hashrate” is self-defeating.

The strong development of JASMINER must have touched the interests of some people, why has it been targeted one after another?

Looking at the world, there are very few professional Ethereum ASIC Mining Rigs manufacturers. The reason is that professional ASIC Mining Rigs, as the king of the ether field, are extremely difficult to design and produce. There are very few manufacturers that can realize low-power consumption and high-hashrate Mining Rigs and provide stable supply, which leads to very few Mining Rigs with excellent performance.

In the field of blockchain, JASMINER is an Ethereum Mining Rig manufacturer, providing high-quality Mining Rigs products such as JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server. In the field of chip design, JASMINER is also a top company in the world. Thanks to the emergence of JASMINER, the global Ethereum Mining Rigs market has opened up a prosperous situation with product features of “low energy consumption, large hashrate, and high income”. At the same time, this is one of the few “low-power” Ethereum ASIC Mining Rig available on the market.In the current situation of serious shortage of global chip production capacity, the advantage of JASMINER’s stable supply makes many manufacturers unable to sit still.

In the final analysis, the targeting of competing manufacturers only stems from their lack of confidence in their own products. If they have full confidence in their own products, no matter how JASMINER develops, it doesn’t matter to competing manufacturers. Therefore, technology is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. It is better for these people to think more about how to grow the enterprise if they have time to play tricks.

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