Cardano Outperforms Ethereum and HUH Token Set to Launch 500 Influencers


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January 19, 2022

HUH token

The cryptocurrency market will consist of 500 influencers from HUH Token in 2022

In a crypto market filled with amazing technology that strives to be better and the enormous quantities of money that are injected into these projects, it’s no wonder that being able to outperform other cryptos on the market is a badge of honour.

Cardano, from one of the great minds that bought you Ethereum, outperformed the crypto giant this week by a staggering 30%, whilst HUH Tokenprepares for its influencer launch next week, that’s set to see the token return to its December levels of excellence.

Though, is this the part of the process where the glass ceiling has been smashed and Cardano and HUH Token begin to float around the vast space beyond it? Or have the two outperforming cryptos got a little somethin’-somethin’ up their sleeves for the year ahead?

HUH token


Could Cardano Replace Ethereum?

Cardano, for some time, was one of three of the largest cryptos on the market, rubbing shoulders with Bitcoin and Ethereum, though Cardano’s ADA saw dips that most thought would discourage future investment in the crypto.

However, with Cardano’s 30% increase in seven days and a 24hr trading volume window of $5.31 billion, it’s no wonder that the most environmentally sustainable blockchain protocol could be set to trounce Ethereum … potentially swaying investors to Cardano.

Cardano also appears cheaper to run for power-usage compensation required for transactions. Cardano, according to Messari, saw $75,000 in costs comparatively to Ethereum stood at a whopping $44 million in the same time period.

It appears that the open-source decentralised crypto, Cardano, is quickly catching up with the popularity of Ethereum, and might even far exceed Ethereum’s current capabilities.

Antoni Trenchev, the founder of crypto lender Nexo, believes that “To top it off, Cardano is stealing some attention away from Decentraland and The Sandbox with news of the first Cardano metaverse.”

HUH token



HUH? 500 Influencers?

That’s right, it appears that HUH Token is not only popular with crypto investors, but with the unassumed crypto clientele.

Most people, cryptos and the genius behind blockchains, would never have assumed that crypto would become so vastly popular for influencers and celebrities, however, investing in crypto seems like the right thing to do when you’ve got nothing but money to burn.

However, influencers and celebrities that believe in cryptocurrency projects benefit too as the more popular crypto is the higher its value … it’s that simple.

So, getting involved with a cryptocurrency like HUH Token, that’s new to the crypto scene could spell exponential earning potential in the future, purely from the sheer amount of HUH Token holders.

Next week, when HUH Token is set to launch with its 500 influencers, you and all HUH Token holders could be in for a tremendous start to the new year, but it’s always advisable to do your research before investing in crypto.

You can begin your research by visiting the links below.


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