This car can (probably) mine crypto, but uuhm… should it?


The thing mobility and blockchain technology have in common are grandiose ideas that promise a lot, but don’t consistently deliver. So can a product that combines both overcome this? Canadian company, Daymak, believes it can.

Since 2002, Daymak has been the biggest distributor and developer of electric light vehicles in Canada. It has over 150 dealers, has sold more than 100,000 vehicles, and exports to 25 countries.

For reference, light electric vehicles refer to electric-powered transport like escooters, autocycles, and ebikes. But what we’re most interested in today is one of the company’s latest EVs: the Spiritus

This promises crypto mining capabilities while it charges, as well as solar EV chargers that do the same thing.. I sat down with Aldo Baiocchi, president of the company, to find out more.

How does a crypto mining car work?