Ember Sword guide: How to make money in the play-to-earn crypto game


EMBER Sword adds to the growing pool of Metaverse games, offering a unique fantasy world that combines gaming with real-life profit.

Players can fight monsters and own land in the dystopian virtual world, while earning money on a play-to-earn basis.

Players can immerse themselves in the rich fantasy world of Ember Sword, while earning crypto as they explore


Players can immerse themselves in the rich fantasy world of Ember Sword, while earning crypto as they exploreCredit: Ember Sword

What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is a player-driven dystopian fantasy Metaverse game which provides a fully immersive experience and a chance to earn cryptocurrency.

It has been compared to popular games The Sandbox and Axie Infinity which operate on the same play-to-earn model.

Players are able to dictate everything about their gameplay experience, from creating a character and picking a home nation, to choosing a lifestyle and an occupation within the world.

Plots of land in the game can be purchased as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as land ownership allows players to share in trading fees and earn Ember, the game’s ERC-20 token.

Ember Sword is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG), adding a fun social element to the gameplay.

Mark Laursen, CEO of Bright Star Studios, the developers of Ember Sword, said: “We are working to develop a player-driven economy that allows gamers to earn rewards and make money through in-game activities, including the creation of unique, tradable NFT items.”

Although the game is still in its initial stages of release, it has already gained huge popularity among crypto investors and gamers.

In August 2021, almost 35,000 gamers participated in a sale of virtual plots of land in Solarwood, one of Ember Sword’s four virtual worlds, according to CoinDesk.

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How does Ember Sword work?

Ember Sword is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The developers also announced in November 2021 they are dropping Polygon as their Layer 2 scaling solution, in favour of Immutable X.

The game uses a ERC-20 token as the world’s premium currency which can be used to buy and sell NFT items on the marketplace and be earned as revenue from land ownership.

Although upon initial release, Ember Sword will only be browser-based, meaning it will only be accessible on PC or Mac, the developers have announced they are also working to create a mobile version.

The game promises full player autonomy – players don’t have to choose a particular class or role, but can dictate everything about their gameplay experience.

They can venture out and explore one of the four nations in the virtual world with a weapon of choice, fight monsters or other players, master a craft or manage their land.

Each region offers unique quests, monsters, and resources for crafting items, which can be used or sold in the player-driven economy.

Landowners are promised an early access to the first release, and will be able to build a home and trade resources they find on their territory.

How to earn money in Ember Sword?

The developers of Ember Sword promise a play-to-earn game that doesn’t require huge initial investment to get started.

The in-game token, called Embers, can be earned in various ways in the game, which prioritises a fun and exciting gameplay and high-quality graphics.

Combat, fishing, mining, woodcutting are just some of the activities users can engage in, to drive up their skill level and make more profit.

Embers can also be earned by killing monsters and completing quests, as well as winning PvP (player vs player) battles.

Landowners are offered even more ways to profit, by gaining passive revenue, selling valuables found on their land and building facilities for others to use.

The four types of land that can be purchased – regular plot, settlement, town and city, bring various benefits to their owners, such as titles and different building options.

How to play Ember Sword?

As with other play-to-earn games, players will need a wallet to store their collectibles, in-game assets and currency.

Ember Sword developers recommend using MetaMask.

The full version of the game has not been released yet, but will be soon accessible through the Ember Sword website, where the land sales are also hosted.

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