Increase passive income through JASMINER – JASMINER has become a popular investment


Today, more and more people are accepting the idea that just a fixed salary is not a long-term solution, passive income is a stable and efficient source of income.

Everyone wants to live a life of freedom of time and wealth, but there are 7 billion people in the world and very few can actually do it. Most people work their whole lives for money without knowing how to create passive income. Research shows that the world’s 658,000 wealthy people have at least three sources of income, all of which are passive income. In other words, most wealthy people know how to create their own passive income, and even the government brings them passive income through sales tax, utility bills, etc.

The so-called passive income means that people can get a steady stream of income without spending too much time and energy. It’s also known as “earnings after sleep”, which means people get paid even when they sleep. Traditional stocks and funds are a way to obtain continuous income. It’s a curve that keeps going up as soon as it starts, because it’s not propped up by the energy, but by the magic of time that keeps generating profits. Everyone is talking about passive income, so where does JASMINER start to generate passive income?

Mining is one of the most popular investment channels in the blockchain industry in recent years, but today, when there is no shortage of investment channels in the market, why do many miners still choose to invest in mining? It’s actually about income. The main source of income from mining is the value growth of the basic investment, and its continuous passive income is based on the stable digital currency income obtained every day after possessing the computing power. In addition, the rise in the currency price will not only increase the revenue, but also increase the additional income that is difficult to predict.

However, not only technical knowledge is required to set up the machine, but the cost of a mining rig also starts from 10,000 or more dollars. In addition, people have to endure the noise comparable to the bus coming and going at their door (about 80 decibels) for a long time, as well as high electricity bills… and many other troubles. Many people tend to lose money before they make any, which keeps them on the sidelines.

Now, JASMINER has emerged in the mining rig market. It not only helps people to create passive income without power failure, but also reduces the energy consumption burden in the mining process. JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server is a brand-new flagship product that supports ETC, ETH and other encrypted digital currency mining, with higher computing power and lower energy efficiency ratio, In low power mode, its hashrate is 520MH/s±10%, and the power is only 240W±10%. With sufficient stock supply, stable preferential prices and product characteristics of “high computing power and low power consumption”, JASMINER has emerged among many mining rig brands, also stand out from the competition in the futures market.

Investing is an art of time. As people continue to invest the active income into passive income, such as mining, with the blessing of time, the passive income of mining will continue to increase in the mode of compound interest. Most importantly, earning passive income with JASMINER is an excellent way to increase people’s wealth in the current Ethereum ASIC mining market.

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