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Workout Reps and Crypto Theft in this Week's Top Mobile ID Stories

This week’s roundup of top Mobile ID World stories underscores the importance of strong cybersecurity. We also take a look at the store of the future and the latest wearable fitness innovations.

Our biggest story comes out of Cambodia, where the U-Pay e-wallet and mobile payments platform is turning to IPification to improve account security. U-Pay will use IPification’s phone verification service to replace SMS passcodes and ensure that customers are using their own handsets when they try to open an account.

U-Pay Secures Digital Wallet With IPification suffered an embarrassing blow when hackers stole more than $30 million worth of BitCoin, Ethereum, and assorted other cryptocurrencies from the platform. The hackers were somehow able to bypass’s 2FA requirement, a fact that shows why 2FA is so important, and should remind platform operators to make sure that their security systems are implemented properly. Says Hackers Overcame 2FA Obstacle in $3O Million Crypto Heist

Train Fitness has released a new app for the Apple Watch that analyzes wrist movements to count individual reps for common weight-based exercises like curls and push-ups. The app goes beyond basic step counters and cardio trackers to give athletes a more nuanced understanding of their workout progress.

New Apple Watch App Can Track Your Reps at the Gym

Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, and Robert Downey, Jr. were some of the A-listers that contributed to a $620 million round of Series C funding for 1Passoword. The login specialist is now valued at $6.8 billion, and its recent success demonstrates the demand for more secure authentication options. The company’s platform supports biometric modalities like face and fingerprint recognition in addition to more traditional passwords.

Star-Studded Series C Brings 1Password Valuation to $6.8 Billion

Finally, VSBLTY and Intel are collaborating on a new Store as a Medium project that encourages retailers to use modern technologies and data analytics to build stronger relationships with their customers. The project includes a white paper and a metaverse app, and notes that better data can help businesses refine their retail strategies.

‘Store as a Medium’ App Explores Retail’s Future in the Metaverse


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