The Do Token with its DoGood Community revolutionizes the crypto industry with its


The New Do Token and the DoGood Crypto Community Dao will revolutionize the way people “Do” crypto and community. It utilizes inventive Tokenomics and Taxenomics to power a community with a unique inward-focused charitable function.

Murphy, United States, Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Expert minds have developed the newly minted Crypto “Do” Token. It is a unique crypto platform that powers the Revolutionary DoGood Crypto Community. They have created a one-of-a-kind project that makes a brand new Blockchain-based crypto community powered by the efficient use of a tax collected on purchasing, selling, and transferring the Do Tokens.

In the recent development, the Do Token will be going live on PancakeSwap by February 15. The 18% of the collected taxes get stored in a DoGood community charity wallet, and their charity funds are paid out every hour to people inside the community. Any member that owns at least $50 of Do Tokens can post any financial need they have in a private area of their app and receive votes from the other community members. Every vote earns them continuous shares of the charity fund every hour for up to 30 days. They can receive up to $25,000 in 30 days and do so three times per year for up to $75,000 in BUSD.

70% of all taxes collected on Do Token transactions are automatically sent to all Do Token holders every single hour, in the form of BUSD. This passive income is usually referred to as ‘reflections.’

Moreover, 10% of the taxes collected get used in different ways to strengthen the liquidity pool, function as an immediate buyback and burn feature, help maintain price stability, and function as voter rewards. So, 98% of all community taxes collected directly stay in the community while only 1% is spent on marketing and 1% on further development. Additionally, the community will be transitioning to a DAO within 12 months.

The result of this revolutionary use of community taxes is that all their members can financially benefit from their involvement in the DoGood crypto community in four ways: First is, all signs suggest the Do Tokens will exponentially increase in value over time. The second way is every Do Token Holder will automatically receive hourly passive income in the form of BUSD, a stable coin pegged to the US Dollar. This BUSD will automatically be transferred into their crypto wallet every hour they own theirs do Tokens. The more Do Tokens they own, the more reflections they will receive.

The third way is every person that has at least $50 of Do Tokens in their wallet can request up to $75,000 per year from the community’s charity wallet. Finally, the fourth way is every Do Token holder is allowed to vote once per week for any charitable need posted in the community. When they do, they receive an equal share of rewards in both Do Tokens and BUSD.

Potential Users must visit their website to learn more. To connect with the community, join Telegram or Discord.


CONTACT: Name: Randy McEwen Organization: The Do Token and DoGood Crypto Community Phone: +1-912-856-0304

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