Callisto Network offers funding program for early-stage crypto projects


Community rhymes with creativity

Since its inception, Callisto Network has been open to contributions. Anyone can submit a development proposal to add new functionalities and improve the ecosystem.

As such, the community has always been an essential part of Callisto Network.

Contributions have so far ranged from suggestions for improvements to the development of entire projects based on Callisto Network or its native coin, CLO.

A community and a success story

It all started in 2019, with a proposal named Callisto Telegram TipBot.

The intention was to allow the community to tip CLO coins from inside Telegram. The development of that project started quickly, and with creativity as the only fuel, the community evolved, morphing the TipBot into CryptoBot: a full-fledged crypto wallet offering Telegram users the ability to manage their cryptocurrencies and, more recently, their nonfungible tokens (NFT).

Today, Cryptobot is a partner of Callisto Enterprise with more than 130,000 users.

CryptoBot speaks to the power of decentralized crypto and the power of the crypto community: No less than 200 community members participated directly or indirectly in the development and improvement of the CryptoBot product that exists today. 

However, this is not the only success story. More recently, Callisto Network saw the birth of its first NFT project with PowerCar. 

Erik, the creator of PowerCar, simply wanted to learn the Solidity programming language. But within a few weeks, his project generated dozens of millions of Callisto coins. One NFT was sold for a record price of $4,200.

Since then, Erik has joined the Callisto Enterprise team as a smart contract developer.

Of course, NFTs on Callisto Network can’t be referenced without also mentioning VIP Warz, a ground-breaking NFT project that implements the game’s logic with smart contracts. Indeed, only the Callisto Network blockchain allows the birth of such projects with low transaction costs.

The community and investors clearly understand the potential of VIP Warz. In mid-January, an investor bought a VIP Warz NFT bundle for about $7,000.

The exciting reality is that it’s only the beginning. 

We Fund You

Introducing the We Fund You program

Callisto Enterprise offers a wide range of blockchain-dedicated services, with particular cybersecurity and smart contract development competencies. It also provides technical expertise and financial support to early-stage projects that can potentially impact the crypto world in the future. 

Why build a project on Callisto Network?

The advantages are numerous:

  • Callisto Network is Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible, meaning any Ethereum-compatible decentralized app (DApp) can run on Callisto Network.
  • No Callisto Network DApp has ever been hacked, and the blockchain is resistant to 51% attacks.
  • Callisto Network offers the cheapest transaction fees in the industry at below $0.0001 per transaction.
  • A growing and supportive community adds extra value to the deployed projects.
  • An experienced team is ready for support in any project aspect.

How does it work?

The We Fund You program will be running every quarter. During that time, participants will have the opportunity to submit their funding requests on the Callisto Network forum or directly to the Callisto Enterprise team by email.

The projects will be classified into three distinct categories:

  • Projects that will foster the growth of the Callisto Network ecosystem and increase CLO coin utilization.
  • Soy Finance DApps
  • Support for projects based on the CallistoNFT standard.


Callisto will provide funding for up to three projects each quarter, depending on the size of funding requests. The following structure will apply:

  • Up to $100 000 — A project that can significantly grow the Callisto ecosystem.
  • Up to $50 000 — A strong project driven by an experienced team.
  • Up to $25 000 — A promising project that requires a larger commitment from Callisto Enterprise team members.

This budget will be granted according to participants’ business plans and will take legal costs, development and marketing into account. 

As a consideration, the Callisto Enterprise will receive a variable amount of tokens from the supported projects.

The jury

Fund requests will be reviewed by CEO of Callisto Enterprise Vladimir Vencalek, chief operating officer Dexaran, chief strategy officer Karel Fillner, Yuriy Kharytoshyn of Callisto’s security department and chief marketing officer Tonton Benz. 

Submit funding requests on the Callisto Network forum or by email.

Callisto Network

About Callisto Network

Callisto Network is an Ethereum-based blockchain with its native coin, CLO. Its main objective is to improve the security of the blockchain ecosystem. Since 2018, it has contributed to improving the Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and EOS networks and has conducted more than 350 smart contract audits, making it the leader of the crypto-security industry.

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