Gulfport property part of first U.S. real estate NFT auction


GULFPORT, Fla (WFLA) – A Gulfport home will be part of the first real estate NFT, non-fungible token, auction in the United States. This is historic for both the real estate and blockchain industries.

“It’s a very exciting opportunity, the objective was to provide a real-world application of how blockchain technology is going to change our world,” said Leslie Allesandra, the seller of the property.

The winning bidder from the auction will have their proof of ownership tied to an NFT.

“They would own that piece of real estate as a non-fungible token,” said Amy Heckler, Broker from Heckler Realty Group.

Heckler is the real estate broker for the seller and she told 8 On Your Side this can change the future of how real estate ownership is transferred.

“The difference is that it transfers immediately. If you have ever purchased real estate you submit an offer, or you place a bid, but it doesn’t transfer immediately. There is a time that title was pulled, deeds are transferred, it goes through a courthouse, etc.” said Heckler “This is being transferred as an LLC immediately to the person who wins the auction as an NFT and then they immediately own the property.”

There is an open house for the property in Gulfport on Saturday from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. The auction will take place on Feb. 8. There is also an NFT Launch Party Friday night in St. Petersburg. For more details about the property and the auction, click here.

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