Get a free exchange sign-up bonus on Bitrue using this code


(Pocket-lint) – If you want to join a crytocurrency exchange, you may have come across Bitrue – now you can get a great bonus when you join the exchange, using our code below.

The Bitrue invite code is: EQAVGVH.New customers can sign up with the code on and claim the best welcome reward offer.

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How to Claim the Bitrue Welcome Bonus

New sign ups on Bitrue can use the code EQAVGVH to claim the best welcome bonus on the exchange. Here is a step by step guide on how to do that.

  1. Go to the Bitrue website and click on the sign up button in the top right.
  2. Input all the details and credentials that are needed.
  3. Type EQAVGVH when asked for the referral code.
  4. Complete the registration by verifying everything and begin using the website.
  5. Consider using the referral program to earn commissions

Let’s take a look at how users can earn additional bonuses from the referral program.

Bitrue Referral Program

The one thing that Bitrue can be commended for is that they try to keep things simple. The Bitrue Referral Program is no different, as it offers a straight up commission on the trading fees generated by the referrals.

Once users have activated their account, they can go to the referral page and generate referral codes and links. These links can then be sent to their friends and family. When they sign up using the welcome code and trade, the user receives a commission.

The commission is determined by the level the user is. There are only two levels on Bitrue (simple, right?). The first is the base level that is applicable to all users. At the first level, users receive 25 percent of the fees generated by their referrals as commission.

The second level can be reached by having assets more than or equal to 10,000 USDT. At this level, users get 50 percent of their referrals’ fees as commission.

Unfortunately, Bitrue does not offer a lot of other ways to earn rewards apart from the referral program. There is no dedicated rewards page that allows users to complete activities or participate in promotions to get free crypto. However, users can safely invest their crypto in multiple ways.

Bitrue details

Bitrue is a very unique platform that is excellent in some ways and subpar in others. Now that you know how users can get the best sign up bonus on the platform, it’s time to take a look at who should use the platform and who should avoid it.

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About the Bitrue Exchange

The primary purpose behind Bitrue is to make it as easy as possible for its users to increase their crypto portfolio. However, this comes at the expense of certain features, such as limited trading options

Bitrue does not primarily consider itself to be a trading platform. Instead, it brands itself as a ‘Cryptocurrency Management Platform’. This means that it allows users to loan cash using crypto as collateral, earn interest on its crypto by loaning it to other people, and invest their crypto in various ways.

Users can still engage in the purchase and selling of cryptocurrencies, although the options are limited compared to some of the larger exchanges. Users can also trade futures, although the options and the assets available are once again limited.

One of the biggest problems is that the trading user interface is too complicated. Apart from advanced traders, it is difficult to imagine anyone being able to get the best out of it.

The major advantage of using Bitrue is that users can lock in their cryptocurrencies for extended periods in the platform and earn interest on them. The interest rates vary, and are low for safer cryptocurrencies such as BTC but higher for others.

Users also have the option of investing BTR. BTR is the platform’s proprietary token and can be used to earn higher interest rates by participating in BTR-exclusive investments. All users need to do is to stake a certain amount of BTR and then invest a supported currency for a specific period.

Bitrue also has yield farming, where users can stake one coin and receive rewards in another. The yields are quite high here, and it is possible for users to earn a rate of over 100% on some of the coins.

Bitrue Trading Fees

Bitrue has a fairly simple fee structure. While the fees vary depending on the pair, they are generally around 0.098%, with certain pairs having a fee of 0.2%. For a select number of pairs, the fee is as high as 0.32%.

One area where Bitrue must be commended is that the fee structure is quite simple. The fee rates are nothing special, and are mostly in line with the industry averages. One thing that users can do is to use BTR to pay the fee and receive a 20 percent discount. This makes the fees appear much more attractive, and lower than the average.

Unfortunately, there are no ways to stake BTR and pay fewer fees. Users also cannot unlock higher tiers (that lead to lower fees) by having a higher trading volume.

The withdrawal fee varies depending on the asset withdrawn. On top of that, the fee can also change depending on the network congestion and the amount withdrawn.

Bitrue Mobile Apps

The Bitrue apps tend to suffer from the same problem that most crypto mobile apps do: Too many bugs ruining an otherwise good app.

Going through the online reviews, crashes are common, and some users have even reported problems with the app not showing the proper information regarding fees.

Another huge problem for users is that it can be quite difficult to get the exchange to complete the verification process when verifying through the mobile app. This does not happen when using the website, so it is not clear what the problem is.

Considering that the trading interface of Bitrue is not that great even when on a computer, it seems difficult to suggest that users that tend to engage in a lot of trading on their phone opt for Bitrue.

Sign Up Now and Claim the Bitrue Welcome Bonus

Bitrue is a great platform for users looking to invest and grow their digital asset portfolio. Use the invite code EQAVGVH to receive the best sign up bonus on the platform.

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