Pig&Dan’s Dan Duncan Launches ‘CryptoDJs’ NFT Platform


Dan Duncan of Pig&Dan
Photo Credit: Jordi Cervera | www.jordicervera.com

The relationship between NFTs and the dance music scene continues to blossom with the launch of a new platform, CryptoDJs.

DJs and producers from around the world have continued to keep their eye on the growing impact that blockchain technology and NFTs have made on the dance music scene. From artists who have begun to release their own to companies who have shifted into the web3 space, it seems as if that aspect of the scene grows with each passing day. Now, Pig&Dan’s Dan Duncan, along with a small group of DJs, music lovers, and experts from the industry, have unveiled a new platform for NFTs, CryptoDJs.

Launched on the Polygon blockchain, CryptoDJs intends to offer new ways for fans of the artists found on the platform to engage with their favorite artists and support them through collectible NFTs. Debuting on the platform today is the Genesis Drop, which features digital cards from techno artists including Christian Smith, Simina Grigoriu, Victor Ruiz, Gregor Tresher, Mark Reeve, Wehbba, Ken Ishii, and of course, Pig&Dan.

What really excites me about being part of CryptoDJs, is the fact it’s built on authenticity. It’s been created to provide opportunities for us as artists to engage with those who support us in new and innovate ways. A gateway to grow a genuine collectors community.

Dan Duncan

There are a total of 30 unique NFT cards on the platform for each artist, which are priced at $66 each, with more that are planned to be added in the future. As an added bonus, 10% of the cards (three per artist) will give those who purchase access to an unreleased audio track.

Fans won’t have to fuss with setting up a crypto wallet on MetaMask to make their purchase either, as the cards can be purchased in USD via a credit card transaction. After launch, these cards will also be able to be traded on Opensea, which is the current leading marketplace for NFTs. Head over to their website to make your purchase if you want to collect a card from your favorite techno artist!

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