This graphics card-esque keycap retails for around $75, but will it improve response


All news outlets have covered the graphics card shortages plaguing the world, causing scrupulous sellers to offer GPUs for outrageous prices. In our desperation, we will sometimes fold and pay the amount, receiving a used graphics card from a crypto mining rig that has been strained to the point that the card lasts upwards of five minutes before it halts, never to work again.

This “ASUS ROG Strix TouchStone video card” will allow you to “play games” with your keyboard

ASUS recognized the need for users to have their ASUS ROG Strix graphics processors at users’ fingertips, especially with no change to the market until an estimated 2023 timeline. So, the company did what it could before the beginning of April 2022—they created the ASUS ROG Strix TouchStone. The company sells the TouchStone for a meager price of around $75. But, how does it perform against the recent NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti in producing premium graphics quality and ultrafast gameplay?

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Terribly. I mean, it is just a keycap for your mechanical keyboard. It looks good but cannot make your games look great.

Website zFrontier is selling the ASUS ROG Strix TouchStone keycap, a recreation of the ASUS ROG Strix graphics cards, for replacing the right SHIFT key on mechanical keyboards. This all-metal keycap measures at 51 x 18 x 11 mm (2.75U) and weighing in at 0.034kg. The TouchStone keycap by ASUS offers ball bearings under the hood to spin those lovely triple-fan cooling fan recreations, allowing you to cure boredom while waiting for any graphics card to become available for an affordable price.

The new keycap is compatible with Cherry MX-style mounting points and has an aluminum casing. Another nice touch to the ASUS keycap is the recreation of their signature inner and outer packaging. The company went all out to make this appear like a genuine graphics card product. Read the fine print if you see this on the market when looking for a graphics card. It is a keycap and not a graphics card.

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Currently, zFrontier is the only site that is selling this product. However, if you are in the market for an NVIDIA RTX 3080 keycap, AliExpress and other sellers are selling recreated variants of their GPU line in keycap form between $20-$50.

Source: zFrontier

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