Cryptogram Token – New Token Offers Holders 60% Revenue On Their Cryptogram Dapp




Token has recently launched its first use case on the Cryptogram platform

Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) The Cryptogram Token offers two unique opportunities for investors:

Holders receive 60% of revenue from the Cryptogram app, an innovative social anonymous chat app with groundbreaking features such as on-chain capabilities, wallet to wallet chats, NFT sales, a launchpad highlighting top gainers and losers that allows users to learn from the best traders as well as allowing them to create channels, build subscribers, and more. Influencers on the Cryptogram app are rewarded by gaining followers through proven trading skills not “likes or shares”.

Cryptogram Token is CERTIK audited, with a high quality innovative use case built in house

With token holders receiving 60% of all product revenues from the Cryptogram brand (a first on the Binance Smart Chain) users are not just investing in a token, they’re investing in a business. Cryptogram takes digital security very seriously and part of their plan is to audit smart contracts in conjunction with prominent security companies as well as Certik and intends to create lasting partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the cryptocurrency space. Cryptogram’s launchpad known as CGPad is in the process of launching its first incubated project.

With plans to get listed on prominent exchanges, Cryptogram also has plans to build further innovative and quality tech applications to increase the revenue generating power of the company and ultimately reward token holders. All of Cryptogram’s products are built in house by their established tech company, experienced in creating over 40 successful applications. Cryptogram is a tech business with a highly skilled team from Germany, the UK, and the Middle East.

With prestigious companies using the suffix “gram” in their names, such as Instagram, Telegram, and MoneyGram, it only felt natural to brand a high quality, innovative social product focused on cryptocurrency as Cryptogram.

More information on Cryptogram can be found at the links below:




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