One River, Coinbase Prime Debut ONE Digital SMA


One River Digital Asset Management has unveiled ONE Digital SMA, a separately managed account (SMA) powered by Coinbase Prime technology that changes the way digital investment strategies and services are delivered, according to a Friday (Feb. 11) press release.

The companies called ONE Digital SMA “an early look at the future of asset management in a financial system transitioning to blockchain-enabled infrastructure,” per the release. The service is available now for institutions and will soon be available for wealth management platforms.

ONE Digital SMA “delivers institutional-quality digital investment strategies directly to a Coinbase Prime account,” the release stated. One River Digital and Coinbase Prime worked together to map investment processes, operational workflows, security requirements, permissions and application programming interface (API) integrations.

“As asset owners continue to move from digital research towards digital implementation in 2022, we are finding that many clients prefer to own digital assets in their own segregated account,” said Head of Coinbase Institutional Brett Tejpaul in the release. “These asset owners also want the same quality of investment management services that they are accustomed to in traditional investments.”

Coinbase Prime users can access an institutional index and active strategies through ONE Digital SMA and still retain direct ownership of their digital assets, allowing investors to achieve the highest transparency, security and cost while maximizing future return potential through value-added services, including staking, according to the release.

“Building on top of the Coinbase Prime technology to deliver ONE Digital SMA led us to push boundaries on the best possible user experience,” said One River Digital Chief Operating Officer and Chief Risk Officer Jasmine Burgess in the release. “… By carefully understanding each of our technical environments, we can deliver managed accounts with institutional security and complete transparency in real time…”

Earlier this week, Coinbase Global cut its instructions for how to buy at least three cryptocurrency tokens that have had “rug pull” warnings, referring to scams that could lose people money. Coinbase spokesperson Jaclyn Sales said the links had been removed once they were brought to the company’s attention.

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Read More: One River, Coinbase Prime Debut ONE Digital SMA

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