Binance Chain Built Bitgert Now Has Its Own BRC20 Blockchain, Price Skyrocketing While


Binance Chain Built Bitgert Now Has Its Own BRC20 Blockchain, Price Skyrocketing While Shiba Inu, Ethereum Dips


Bitgert team has managed to build and launch its own blockchain

The Bitgert project started as a DeFi protocol built on the Binance smart chain. But just six months after the launch, the Bitgert team has managed to build and launch its own blockchain. The BRISE BRC20 blockchain is the biggest topic right now in the crypto industry because of its disruptive nature. That’s why when all the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and others are plummeting, Bitgert is skyrocketing. Read more below:



Building its own blockchain was one of the biggest milestones in the Bitgert roadmap. In fact, it was put among the last products that the Bitgert team was working on. The BRISE BRC20 blockchain just launched when the market least expected it. The zero gas fee feature and the fastest speed have been the most exciting things for the crypto community. In addition to that, the Bitgert chain offers smart contract functionalities, and it is EVM compatible. So, Bitgert will be one of the most powerful tools for developers. These are reasons Bitgert is skyrocketing during the bear market.



The Centcex price has not dropped much, and thus it can be said to be stable. But Centcex is among the cryptocurrencies already feeling Bitgert dominance. The team has been working on delivering an unlimited number of products. Already, the widely updated Centcex exchange is in the advanced stages of development. But still, the Centcex team needs to do more to beat the Bitgert performance, including the development of a blockchain. That’s one of the ways it can compete in the crypto market. 


Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu price has been dropping as the bear run hit the crypto market from mid of this week. Considering that Shiba might be among the cryptocurrencies that made huge gains during the last bull run, it might do the same for the coming bull run. But the Shiba Inu team might need to do more on the products to perform like Bitgert even during a bear market. Maybe building a blockchain for the network just like the Bitgert team has done.



Bitcoin tops among the cryptocurrencies that have dropped the price by a huge percentage. With over 5% in the red, Bitcoin is definitely one of the cryptocurrencies that are not doing well in the market. However, it is one of the highly potent cryptocurrencies in the market today. But with Bitgert faster chain and a cheaper gas fee, Bitcoin might face some tough competition in the near future. Till now, Bitcoin has been one of the slowest blockchains in the crypto industry.



The performance of the Ethereum coin for the last few days has been negative, with the cryptocurrency still in the red at the time of this writing. But Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency and also the second most helpful crypto coin in the market. However, the coin’s competitiveness has been an issue because of the poor chain performance. Cryptocurrencies like Bitgert are proving a force to reckon with after launching a faster and cheaper gas than Ethereum. So Ethereum has a competition to beat.



The price of Elon Musk’s Dogecoin has been dropping over the last few days. Though the coin has been performing very well, it has not managed to keep a stable price. In fact, Dogecoin was among the top cryptocurrencies that posted a significant price drop. But the Dogecoin team has a lot of work to do to keep the cryptocurrency competitive against disruptive coins like Bitgert. This includes building more products for the network as well as Dogecoin blockchains.


Binance Coin

The BNB or Binance coin has not been doing very well in the market, but it has not dropped harder than Bitcoin. It can be said to be one of the cryptocurrencies that managed to retain some sort of stable prices. But BNB is among the cryptocurrencies with immense potential to skyrocket, just like Bitgert. However, Bitgert has a super cheap gas fee and speed compared to the Binance chain. That’s why the Binance coin is dropping and in the red when Bitgert is green and skyrocketing.  

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Read More: Binance Chain Built Bitgert Now Has Its Own BRC20 Blockchain, Price Skyrocketing While

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