Ultimate DRIP guide -Earn 24% a Month Crypto Passive Income


An all in one drip crypto passive income guide made with months of experience and frequently asked questions included in one easy to understand article

DRIP Quick Start Guide

I know a lot of you are already aware of DRIP Network which pays 1% a day or earns up to 3678% a year by compounding your returns. Medium possibly internet is flooded with a lot of DRIP articles. I still see a lot of new members come and ask very basic questions so I have decided to write a guide by compiling answers to all those questions on how the drip network works, its referral reward system, and most importantly frequently asked questions. I will keep this guide updated frequently by adding more content as per my experience with DRIP so do come back occasionally and read the guide.

DRIP is a deflationary crypto token that pays 24% a month and up to 3678% a year by compounding your returns. To put it in easy terms you deposit your money in DRIP assets and receive 1% a day in DRIP. So DRIP token is the major factor here as the price of DRIP plays a major role in your returns if DRIP price goes up you will get more than 1% in USD value and similarly if the DRIP price goes down you will receive less in USD value, but the system always pays you 1% in DRIP with no variation. The variation in your returns happens only due to the price of the DRIP token

Simply a Binance smart chain wallet and a buddy id (a referrer for you to join).

Create a Binance smart chain-based wallet using any wallet software like Metamask or Binance wallet or you can even use a ledger wallet. Buy BNB using Crypto.com, Binance, or Kucoin (there are many other methods of buying BNB but highlighted only the ones used majorly) and transfer BNB to your wallet. Once done exchange BNB for DRIP and deposit using a buddy id (referrer).

Consider using my buddy address for your Buddy: 0xB9aD952EDC71d63ee976B185823eA96D20a2Aa82 or simply click on below link and click on button buddy detected to automatically fill in my buddy address https://drip.community/faucet?buddy=0xB9aD952EDC71d63ee976B185823eA96D20a2Aa82

More detailed steps to join DRIP are provided at the bottom of this article

Everything we do on DRIP is taxed which is meant to keep the sustainability of the DRIP ecosystem longer. All those DRIP tokens coming out of tax are sent back to the vault to pay back the 1% daily rewards.

Buy DRIP on fountain — No tax

Deposit DRIP in faucet: 10% tax

Compound your daily 1% DRIP: 5%

Claim your DRIP to sell: 10%

Sell your DRIP for BNB: 10%

Airdrop DRIP to another wallet: 10%

DRIP pays 1% a day on your deposit however, there is a 10% tax on claim and 10% tax on selling DRIP to BNB where the tax goes to the tax vault for payment to DRIP members. So that’s 0.8% a day and for 30 days it is 24% net you will get out of DRIP

For example, if you deposit $2000 you can claim and withdraw $480 a month for 12 months which totals to $5760 and that’s almost 2x more returns on your deposit in a year and by just doing almost nothing

You can keep earning from DRIP by compounding your 1% returns. If you just compound your returns for a year without claiming and withdrawing that will give you an incredible return of 3678% APY. Your $2000 will turn into $75,566 in a year. You can keep doing this until you reach your goal whether it is for your kids’ education, house rent, or house bills or it can be for saving for your early retirement. At $20 floor price and after all taxes you earn an impressive $1.14 Million at a minimum during the lifetime of your wallet. You can earn more by employing various strategies

With a max payout of 100,000 DRIP you can literally be a millionaire with DRIP even after taxes. Below is an illustration how big your pot should DRIP stay here in crypto

DRIP taxes are excluded to keep the calculations simple

So, if you have joined DRIP you might be wondering what is the optimal hydration schedule. I am sharing a few pointers as per my more than six months of experience in DRIP. Feel free to fine-tune this according to your needs. Below is only as per my experience and is based on your faucet balance

DRIP faucet less than 25: Compound once every alternate day to reduce your gas fee.

DRIP faucet more than 25: Compound once a day

DRIP faucet more than 500: You can even choose to compound twice a day

Please note even though the total gas fee looks high when your deposit is small but as per my experience, it is still ok to hydrate once a day as the gas fee will look very small compared to the overall DRIP return in the course of your wallet life.

DRIP’s maximum payout cap is 100,000 in DRIP. Whether DRIP is $10 or $1000 it doesn’t matter you will get paid in DRIP until you hit your maximum payout after which your wallet gets inactive with no further payouts.

After any investment, we should always look to reduce our risk rather than being greedy. Greed is one thing that many lose on when it comes to their investments. You can invest in DRIP and wait until your faucet grows to a million-dollar worth but if you do so DRIP price may tank sharply and you may lose on great opportunities to cash out in high DRIP prices. I am sharing my simple strategy just to reduce my overall risk on my DRIP investment which allows me to both grow my faucet while also removing some of my profits off the table

DRIP balance in Faucet < 50 DRIP: Compound Daily (Hydrate)

DRIP balance in Faucet 50 DRIP: I follow a strict alternate Compound and Withdraw schedule

The alternate compound and withdraw strategy will help us to quickly recover our initial investment and some profits allowing us to DCA out on our returns the whole time by taking advantage of high DRIP prices in between. You can even choose to do a 2-day hydration 1-day claim & withdrawal schedule should you be thinking of increasing your DRIP Faucet balance at a faster rate.

DRIP has a referral reward system in place. Essentially you need to have a buddy id (wallet address of your introducer) to join DRIP. So, when you use a buddy id your buddy receives 10% of your first deposit value as a reward in DRIP tokens in his Faucet. From the second deposit onward DRIP system follows a round-robin system to reward upline team members on your deposit and hydration rewards. The round-robin is put in place to avoid people going for self-referral and game the DRIP Network for higher rewards.

You can use this referral system and enhance your returns exponentially by building a team like letting your friends, family know about DRIP and getting them to join under your wallet address. You can have a downline team of up to a maximum of 15 levels with unlimited team at each level i.e. when your downline directs and the indirect team creates their team then each. The 15 levels are made to ensure that this does not become a pure pyramid scheme. Also please note it is not mandatory to build a team. You can stay in DRIP as a solo investor and still earn the same return. The DRIP referral reward will only accelerate your returns on your wallet as your faucet is filled with referral rewards.

DRIP referral rewards are as follows

Referral reward on direct team first deposit: 10%

Referral reward on indirect team further deposits: 10% on basis of the round-robin schedule

Referral reward on direct and indirect team hydration: 5% on basis of the round-robin schedule

There is no right or wrong size to invest in DRIP. It is just how fast you wanted to have your returns from DRIP. You can accelerate your returns by building a downline team under you however, it is not mandatory to build a team to join and earn with DRIP.

I think it’s not too late to join DRIP. Even if you join now and the price of DRIP goes down by 30% which is a very aggressive estimate you can still compensate the unrealized depreciation of your deposit by compounding your returns for a month. So, the downside risk is still limited while providing great benefit should the DRIP price go up after your investment.

One other way is that you invest only 50% of what you intend to invest in DRIP and invest the rest in case there is a large DRIP to dollar cost average your DRIP investment.

Still worried if DRIP price crashes and let’s say it reaches $10 can we still make money? I have explained in my earlier article below

Please do further read DRIP frequently asked questions below for more information


Is it too late to join DRIP?

With DRIP it is never too late to join. The reason is any price fall can be compensated by aggressively compounding your DRIP daily returns and at the same time if the price appreciates you will not miss that price run without waiting on the sidelines

When is the right time to join DRIP?

There is no right or wrong time to join DRIP. The faster you join the faster you have a chance to ROI

What do I need to earn referral rewards from DRIP?

You just need to buy 2 BR34P tokens to be eligible to earn referral rewards from your downline referral. Each level has a specific requirement being 2 is only needed for your direct referrals. Your direct referral can be unlimited with just 2 BR34P token. Please note you need to buy and hold the BR34P tokens in your wallet way before you start team building in order to receive your referral deposit bonus. If you buy and hold these BR34P token after your team joins you will miss on the referral rewards until that time

Is it ok to self-refer my…

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