CoolMining NFT marketplace, the world’s first BTC NFT mining on-chain game, is now live –


CoolMining, the world’s first on-chain simulation game that is built upon real-life hash power and the world’s only GameFi that rewards players with actual BTCs, announces that its NFT marketplace has gone live. CoolMing’s hashrate and governance token CoolHash (COOHA) is also officially listed on KUcoin exchange and available for trading, pairing USDT and BTC.

As the world’s first NFT that is minted and powered by real BTC mining rigs and hashrate, the CoolMining NFT has been a hit, receiving over 5,000 applications for its whitelisting activity in two weeks since April. Furthermore, the CoolMining marketplace has gone live on April 19, players will be able to mint CoolMiner NFTs and start the miner gameplays that will potentially receive BTC APR at more than 2000%.

Debuting as KuCoin’s first IGO (initial game offering) project, CoolMining has been widely welcomed by the market. During the pre-IGO activity in the first quarter of 2022, COOHA valued at $180,000 was sold out within only 3 minutes at the price of $0.6 per token and recorded a more than quadrupled token price increase afterwards. It is believed that the official listing of COOHA on KUcoin represents another bullish sign for the token to continue thriving.

It is also noteworthy that the CoolMining team is led by a group of seasoned blockchain industry veterans, early BTC adopters and miners with over 15 years of experience, who are well connected in the field and well-versed in the technological development of blockchain projects. The project has received funding and advisory support from top-class exchanges and mining corporations such as Bitmain, Antmining Pool, KUcoin and so on.

COOHA is an ERC-20 token to circulate in the ecosystem of CoolMining, that represents the real-world hash power with each COOHA equaling to 0.01TH/s. The total supply of COOHA is capped at 10 million. The distribution of COOHA is as below: 

– 50%: liquidity launch

– 30%: CoolMining treasury

– 10%: Gamefi bonus

– 5%: Community incentives

Looking into the future, the project is confident about its development and potential which is now on a positive track of progress in building an integrated ecosystem which includes blockchain game, wallet, more diverse altcoins for staking, as well as a wider range of mining rig models, enabling and ensuring the circulation and liquidity of COOHA in order to maximise the value for players and users.

About CoolMining

CoolMining is an on-chain and open-world mining simulation GameFi that is built upon real-life hash power, and the world’s only blockchain game that rewards players with actual BTCs. Its mission is to empower the community to participate in PoW mining in a decentralized manner. In the CoolMining world, there are a variety of ways for players to possess computing power. Various occupations are also available for players to choose, players are able to participate as stakers, miners or mining site owners, immersing themselves into the mining world vividly from different perspectives.

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About KUcoin

Launched in September 2017, KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for over 600 digital assets. It currently provides Spot trading, Margin trading, P2P fiat trading, Futures trading, Staking, and Lending to its 10 million users in 207 countries and regions around the world. In 2018, KuCoin secured $20 million in Round A funding from IDG Capital and Matrix Partners. According to CoinMarketCap, KuCoin is currently one of the top 5 crypto exchanges. Also, Forbes named KuCoin as one of the Best Crypto Exchanges for 2021. In 2022, The Ascent named KuCoin the Best Crypto Exchanges and Apps for enthusiasts.

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