You Can Now Find U.Today News and Articles on Signals Blue Channel


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Arman Shirinyan

U.Today news articles are now presented on one of the oldest crypto signals providers, Signals Blue

Signals Blue Telegram channel will now include news and analytical articles from U.Today writers and experts in their Telegram bot.

Signals Blue is one of the oldest and most respected cryptocurrency trading signals in Europe. It was established in 2018, far before the 2021 bullrun and during the massive correction of the market, which allowed it to prove its effectiveness even during unpleasant market conditions.

Signals Blue
Source: Signals Blue

In addition to being one of the oldest signals providers, Signals Blue created a convenient way of receiving signals via a sophisticated Telegram bot, which will also provide you with articles and analytics by U.Today’s authors.

Signals Blue is constantly evolving to meet its clients’ expectations and new traders coming to the space. For beginners in the cryptocurrency industry, Signals Blue will share support and guides that will provide critical information for effective and productive trading in the cryptocurrency industry.


According to Signals Blue’s website, they rely on the most powerful and popular solutions for sharing signals like sending data via API. Solutions for advanced users will allow creating original payloads for receiving signals operatively.

Ready-to-use solutions like Cornis are also supported by the signals provider. Cornix, which is one of the most popular auto-trading solutions in the cryptocurrency industry, allows linking with such exchanges as KuCoin, Binance or Huobi and automates the process of following signals. The bot will place received orders, allowing users to avoid manual order-filling and constant trading.

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