The Graph (GRT) Is Up 14% Today; Here’s Why


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GRT surged today as demand for the token increases, but what is making the token so desirable?

Key points

  • Graph Blockchain Inc.’s recent operations are allowing its token, GRT, to rise in value.
  • With more high-profile partnerships, The Graph could find its way into the top 50 cryptocurrencies soon.

The Graph (GRT), the native token of the Graph Blockchain, has seen a significant spike in value today, but what is the cause? For starters, the value of GRT is heavily connected to the efforts of the larger blockchain it’s associated with. And Graph Blockchain Inc. is engaging in many exciting projects along with its subsidiaries that could be sparking the flame under GRT.

What does The Graph do?

The Graph Blockchain offers a sophisticated way to query the complex data of blockchains and smart contracts to quickly find useful data. By offering applications the ability to easily find the information they need on the blockchain, the Graph Blockchain allows these applications to be capable of more. Projects taking advantage of the functionality of The Graph include Aragon, Decentraland, Uniswap, and others. The capability The Graph provides gives value to its clients as well, as reflected by the respective values of the digital currencies associated with these projects.

The Graph’s current efforts

Graph Blockchain Inc. is collaborating with its subsidiaries to expand its horizons in eye-catching ways, and the company has announced some interesting upcoming projects. One such subsidiary, New World, has announced its partnership with Brazilian soccer star, Ronaldinho, on a collaborative non-fungible token project, which is expected to release in July.

The Graph also has plans to rework the technology of the predictive Coin Analyser, an AI crypto analytics tool, with iterations of the software already in the works. A reliable way to forecast shifts in crypto values, as well as a collaboration with a major sports celebrity like Ronaldinho could give The Graph the push it needs to break into the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap very soon.

The bottom line

With the recent announcements of the Graph Blockchain’s efforts, the value of GRT is on the rise. And with the company’s ambitious undertakings of creating a prediction method for cryptocurrencies, as well as interesting NFT projects in the works, The Graph could see big wins — or big losses. If the company sees success in its ventures, providing added value to the company, its subsidiaries, and the blockchain as a whole, the coin could reach the top 50 in the near future.

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