Global Data Privacy Law-Compliant Blockchain, INDIGO, Launches with Sights Set on


SHERIDAN, Wyo.–()–INDIGO Chain is a generational leap in blockchain tech that allows for companies and enterprises to operationalize metaverses on-chain in a compliant manner under global data privacy laws, with unprecedented security, groundbreaking speed, scalability and ultra low cost transactions. Ultimately, INDIGO is designed to power the next generation of lawful and compliant metaverses and emerging verticals such as NFTs, blockchain games and DeFi. After four years of development in stealth, and a successful pre-seed round, INDIGO has just announced its Gen2 Beta Testnet, and its go-to-market launch, as it welcomes companies and brands to build the future of decentralized experiences atop of INDIGO’s revolutionary technology. All of INDIGO’s functionality has been “live” since its first beta Testnet went live, while in stealth, in 2020.

A product of PRTX Labs, INDIGO is the first chain to eliminate the tension between data privacy law and blockchain immutability, also known as the “Blockchain Paradox.” Through its Single Transaction Block architecture, INDIGO is uniquely able to compliantly remove private personal information (PPI) without compromising chain immutability. It achieves this in part by storing each user’s data, as well as their PPI, in separate single transaction blocks, on a separate dedicated mini blockchain (MIDC) for each individual user. INDIGO’s data privacy is overseen by longtime individuals’ data privacy rights champion, attorney Dan Shefet, who also serves as an INDIGO Council Member.

INDIGO arranges these MIDCs in a proprietary new multi-chain lattice structure – a Chain Arrayed Data Store (CADS). This CADS is complemented by a biometric “Proof-of-Liveness” (PoL) Identity and Access lock, which provides impervious security to the INDIGO ecosystem and its participants. The agentless PoL architecture eliminates all usernames and passwords and instead uses biometrics with artificial intelligence that dynamically updates the PoL after each use.

“Currently, Web3 platforms, metaverses, and NFT marketplaces require PPI to power transactions and generate revenue,” said Jim Preissler, INDIGO Council Member and CEO of PRTX. “In order for INDIGO to become the operating system for the metaverse, we first needed to create a solution for PPI to be collected and utilized on-chain while being compliant with global data privacy laws. Our groundbreaking technology results in INDIGO’s unrivaled transaction speed of 377,000 TPS, with latency of less than 100 ms, and transaction costs of less than a millionth of a cent. INDIGO is uniquely well positioned to cultivate not just metaverses but also platforms requiring a highly scalable, cost efficient and secure Layer 1 blockchain solution. With INDIGO, you, your individual biometrics, are literally the “key” to accessing the ecosystem.”

From user on-boarding to data retention, use, export, and erasure, INDIGO is an agentless, zero-trust, and globally compliant platform. Developers, enterprise users and individuals can be assured that no matter their geographical location, with INDIGO, they are always operating both lawfully and securely.

Ranging from crypto-curious and Web2 legacy brands looking to stake their claim in the metaverse to existing Web3 projects seeking a more efficient blockchain, participating companies will have access to a game-changing and “green” consensus blockchain structure, not reliant on mining or staking via INDIGO’s proprietary Raft-based Proof of Transaction (PoTX) consensus. On INDIGO, they will also uniquely be able to emulate traditional database-like functionality without database vulnerability. Low transaction costs and latency are some of INDIGO’s added benefits along with others including secure cross-chain bridgeless liquidity transfers and, in Q4 2022, positive control functionality for the native $NDGO token.

INDIGO’s go-to-market launch represents a massive generational leap forward in the cultivation of the leading, globally compliant operating system for emerging blockchain based verticals. To learn more about INDIGO’s launch and future roadmap, please visit

About INDIGO Chain

INDIGO Chain is a proprietary blockchain that allows for companies and enterprises to operationalize on-chain in a lawful and compliant manner under global data privacy laws. Built by a group of diverse and civic minded data scientists, system architects, developers, blockchain engineers, cryptographic researchers, and data security specialists, INDIGO is designed to combat the tension between data privacy law and blockchain immutability. To learn more about INDIGO, visit

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