Stand Against War To Start Minting On 10th May, 2022: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


The level of tension in Ukraine has been at an all time high post the invasion conducted by Russia. The attack has transcended all the previous magnitudes, and amidst all this chaos, here is how you can help your fellow kind with the help of digital art.

The blockchain industry has been coined as a foundational technology that has the potential to tap untapped terrains in the world of technology. Be it the levels of safety that blockchain offers or all the ultimate transparency that comes along with each transaction, everything contributes to a better looking tomorrow!

Stand Against War germinated while keeping the same values of blockchain in mind so that donations can have a refurbished outlook. While the entire world is pacing itself up to understand Cryptocurrencies, the team at Stand Against War collaborated with 17 top-tier NGOs to introduce a super interesting use case of digital art.

The Peace Nightingales

In the pursuit of supporting Ukraine, our artists took inspiration from the national bird of Ukraine (The White Stork) which is popularly known as the nightingale. The Peace Nightingales is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that come with various unique traits and backgrounds according to the rarity.

These nightingales follow all the mechanisms of NFTs but there is one thing which makes them stand apart to gain mass popularity. Check that out as you move towards the end of the article.

What Adds To The Popularity Of Stand Against War?

Ukraine has been completely transparent in terms of depicting the aftermath of the war. The country has moved several spaces back in terms of development and growth, and is asking for help to attain its self-sufficient stature.

With Stand Against War, every user with a crypto wallet can contribute towards helping Ukraine through the simple process of minting NFTs. 90% of the total amount accumulated by the team post minting will be donated to the 17 NGOs that have been mentioned above. 

Adding to that, The team has also committed to donating 90% of everything that is generated as royalties on the resale of these NFTs so that a machinery of perpetual donations can be established. The remainder of 10% will be put back into the project to expand its scope while making a positive change in the society.

The entire process of donation is automated and is governed by a smart contract. This contract has been audited by Certik and the rarity check is done by Rarity Sniper!

The List Of All Stars NGOs In The Bandwagon!

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of ethereum, publicly pointed out that NFTs should be used to fund public goods as well. Stand Against War operated on the same ideology and is proud to present these exciting Peace Nightingales that have arrived to aid Ukraine.

Here is a list of all our acclaimed partners, you can check more about them and how NFT Donations work on Stand Against War’s website.

Food for Life (Global-Americas)
Project HOPE
World Central Kitchen
Global Fund for Children
Danish Refugee Council
Direct Relief
United Way Worldwide
SOS Children’s Villages
ActionAid USA
Save the Children
Mercy Corps
International Fund for Animal Welfare

WONDER Foundation

Committee to Protect Journalists

Join the Community Today To Inspire & Aspire!

The community behind this project is the sole bearer of positive changes. If the community is awake and active to drive a big change, more and more people will be inspired to lend their helping hand in this crusade just like our Chief Advisor Evan Luthra who has been featured in Forbes 30 under 30.

You can join the community on Discord to stay updated with the developments in the project, and can also get a +1 whitelisting for anyone that you wish to introduce to the community. To stay updated with exciting stats, news and other announcements, you can follow Stand Against War on Instagram and Twitter too!





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