Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method for Online Gambling Sites


Gambling websites have not been left behind in the ongoing excitement about virtual currencies. Casino owners and punters like the idea of using cryptocurrencies because they are secure, discrete and allow fast transactions. Over the years, online casinos in Ireland have maintained their dominance by employing the latest technologies. The introduction of crypto transactions is meant to maintain the profitability of casinos by attracting modern gamblers. The popularity of bitcoins is forcing the online gambling industry to follow the direction of cryptocurrencies. In fact, there are many punters who jumped on bitcoin casinos because they’re in countries that banned regular casinos. This article will break down all the advantages associated with crypto casinos as compared to conventional online casinos.

Cryptocurrency as a Payment on  Online Gambling Sites

Bitcoin Casinos Compared to Online Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are wagering platforms that support the usage of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day transactions. These types of casinos are funded using digital coins. Most gamblers consider bitcoin casinos to be the safest platforms because they guarantee total control and secrecy.

On the other hand, regular online casinos support money-based financial transactions. We recommend you to try online casinos in Ireland. However, some regular casinos have numerous withdrawal options that include virtual currencies. Some online casinos now provide users with a new category known as Bitcoin games.  This category is known for a memorable gaming experience and a unique gameplay.

Bitcoin casinos have the following characteristics. They are separated into two main categories known as hybrid casinos and Bitcoin-exclusive casinos. Hybrid casinos support digital coins as well as conventional currencies, while Bitcoin-exclusive casinos are only limited to cryptocurrencies. The prizes won after competing are paid off in the form of cryptocurrencies. Some of the gaming options include poker, video poker and roulette.

A regular currency is used to purchase Bitcoins before opening a crypto wallet. It’s easy for individuals to open gambling accounts as long as they have valid ids. Bitcoin casinos facilitate digital wallet payments and allow punters to choose their preferred games.

The beauty of Bitcoin casinos is that they offer unmatched anonymity and extra winnings from the fluctuations in the crypto market. These casinos also offer other winning packages like welcome bonuses and other exciting promotional offers.

How Does the Registration Process Work at Bitcoin Casinos?

A crypto casino will require a few personal details from a new user who wants to register for an account. The registration is immediate and you’ll receive an automatic username. In fact, most crypto casinos will require nothing more than a username.

Players can access their accounts using a unique password. You also have a choice of leaving your email. This is a big difference from regular online casinos that demand your debit card and email address details upon registration.

Furthermore, bitcoin transactions and bitcoin deposits are stored in public blockchains to guarantee the safety of transactions. It’s easy to register and enjoy online slots in Ireland.

Instant and Secure Payments

A hacker only needs to know your private keys in order to steal from your traditional online wallet. In fact, even land-based casinos were not safe from operators who manipulated slot machines. However, nobody can grab and run with digital coins like physical currency. It’s virtually impossible to steal cryptocurrencies because crypto accounts don’t require too much personal information.

It’s possible to perform anonymous transactions with bitcoin wallets because your personal data is only known by one site. Players don’t have to share their banking information to multiple websites. Using cryptocurrency provides a security buffer to protect your money from hackers.

It’s accurate to conclude that transacting using bitcoins and other digital coins provides more safety than any conventional options. It’s important to remember that punters expose themselves to identity theft by feeding their banking information to many websites.

The process of accessing funds is usually quick because many punters demand instant withdrawals. Cryptocurrencies are ideal gambling currencies because they ensure seamless gambling experiences.

Access to Special Games

There aren’t many choices of Bitcoin casinos but this doesn’t stop them from providing an impressive list of games. In fact, some of these games are even better than those offered by some traditional casinos. There are numerous “cryptocurrency-only” games that provide gamblers with an opportunity to win handsome winnings. The beauty of these games is that they’re fresh and appealing. Some Bitcoin casinos even come with a seductive 99% payout rate.

Did you know that Bitcoin casinos are more likely to give you better return percentages than conventional casinos? You can play your standard games like live dealer, baccarat and slots. Many punters only care about high payouts and having numerous games to choose from. The future is bright for bitcoin casinos because they’re offering high-quality games to compete against traditional casinos.

Why Crypto is the Safest Method

A blockchain network is used to transmit all crypto transactions in a secure and regulated environment. The network is responsible for keeping records of the gamblers’ transactions.

This method provides financial transparency and protects you from fraudsters and gambling sites that might want to steal your earnings. Gambling sites are also regulated by commissions that protect the interests of the gambler. These authorities provide the casino owners with licenses to operate within the approved legal framework. In fact, it is common for these authorities to conduct regular audits on online casinos.

Final Thoughts

Digitals currencies have had a huge impact in the online gambling world and most of it has been positive. The popularity of digital cons has forced online casinos to add digital coins as one of the many payment options. Many players love the anonymity that comes with using crypto in casinos. Your money is safe from fraudsters and shady sites because crypto registration only requires a username. This shortage of personal information makes it difficult for outsiders to hack your account. Some bitcoin casinos also boast of having a richer variety of high-paying games in comparison to other online casinos. This modern technology has made it possible for gamblers to enjoy convenience and a great gambling experience.


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