ZEBEDEE Bitcoin Wallet is Perfect for Crypto Gamers!


Crypto gaming continues to be on the rise, and more than ever, gamers need some proper guidance to maximize their earnings while playing.

The good news is that there is an app tailored fit for crypto gamers, and it is called ZEBEDEE.


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“One-stop-shop for Bitcoin Gaming”

The ZEBEDEE app was formerly known as ZBD Wallet. It serves as a one-stop-shop for anyone who is interested in venturing into the world of Bitcoin gaming.

ZBD wallet used to be a pure wallet features app, but it has been transformed into a much bigger platform that caters to various gaming apps that let players earn money through Bitcoin.

ZEBEDEE wrote in their blog that this is a reimagining of what their flagship app represents. They are aiming to bring a billion gamers into Bitcoin not just by featuring wallets but also by explaining how Lightning Network works.

The Lightning Network serves as a second layer in Bitcoin’s blockchain, which allows off-chain transactions or transactions between parties who are not found in the blockchain network.

“The way we’re going to bring Bitcoin to gamers is by integrating wallet functionality into gaming apps so seamlessly that gamers won’t even realize they’re using a wallet,” the company wrote in their blog.

In sum, ZEBEDEE is a game discovery platform that gives the player access to gaming news, guides, and events and also keeps you connected to your fellow Bitcoin gamers.  

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What’s in the ZEBEDEE Universe?

Once you enter the app, the very first thing that pops up will be an updated home page. When you look for your wallet balance, you will find a section called Explore the ZEBEDEE Universe that contains important news and updates that will help you maximize your Bitcoin gaming experience.

The Explore feature will notify you of new games, exciting events, important guidelines, and other exciting stuff. It also lets you tap on a chosen topic to have a comprehensive understanding of their games and guidelines.

If you only wish to see games, you can swipe left to find recommended games to select the Play button to enter a game directly. But if you wish to find more Bitcoin games and games-related topics, you can also just select the Explore games button to browse anything you want.

However, if you are still overwhelmed with all the information in the app, you can go to the app’s Discord server where other players will kindly answer your queries and guide you throughout the game.

The app also features the ZBD streamer plugin that features streamers who can give you advice or tips in the game.

If you want to take on the Bitcoin gaming world by storm, it starts by downloading this app

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Read More: ZEBEDEE Bitcoin Wallet is Perfect for Crypto Gamers!

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