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In this guide, we analyze the best crypto exchanges in Turkey. We have reviewed and evaluated 133 cryptocurrency exchanges in 8 distinct categories. We analyzed all aspects of their service, including trading costs, platforms, and mobile trading, deposits & withdrawals, asset portfolios, customer support, liquidity, and safety protocol.

Digital trading platforms that reached the highest rating are in the following list:

Top 6 Crypto Exchanges In Turkey

  1. Crypto.comis the best crypto exchange in Turkey. Great trading tools and secure crypto trading platforms.
  2. Binancefinished up second as the best crypto trading platform. Well-established cryptocurrency trading platform with large trading volumes and liquidity.
  3. Coinbase – finished up third as the best crypto trading platform. Great trading platform and low fees.
  4. Krakenis in fifth place. Sophisticated trading tools for experienced investors.
  5. Bitpandaoffers the best beginner-friendly trading services in Turkey. Leading European retail broker of Bitcoin, intuitive platforms.
  6. Cex IOfinishes our list at six. Best automated crypto trading tools. Great assets coverage and crypto margin trading.

Best Crypto Exchanges Turkey – List

Exchange Overall Score General info Fees (Maker/Taker) Spot Volume (BTC)
#1 4.3 Best overall crypto exchange 1%/1% $2,739,612
#2 Binance 4.8 Best crypto trading platform 1.99%/1.99% $451,706,550
#3 Coinbase 4.4 Best For Low Trading Fees 1.8%/2.75% $68,571
#4 Kraken 4.5 Most trusted exchange 0.1% /0.1% $806,899,070
#5 Bitpanda Best Beginner-friendly exchange
#6 CEX IO 4.6 Most asset classes 0.01%/0.00% $808,571

This section below breaks down the best crypto trading platforms in Turkey, beginning with the best-rated

01. Best Turkish Crypto Exchange Overall is a modern and fast adopting crypto exchange offering access to NFTs, e-wallets, own credit card, staking, investing, and crypto trading. Their trading app is intuitive, easy to use, and available on iOS and Android. Trading fees are competitive across all accounts. With the extra bonuses for holding specific coins, they can compete with the fee structure of industry-leading exchanges. offers access to 250 different crypto coins.

02. Binance: Best Platform to Buy Cryptocurrency in Turkey


Binance takes the second spot as the best platform to buy cryptocurrency in Turkey. High-volume crypto traders will appreciate the high spot trading volumes, a wide range of available coins, low fee structure, and advanced trading tools and order types.

Binance has premium account features, including staking rewards and OTC trading. Traders earn from 1-10% for holding different assets over time. We recommend this crypto exchange for advanced crypto traders who want to trade with lower trading fees and invest in less popular altcoins. We do not recommend Binance for beginner traders.

03. Coinbase: Best Platform For Cryptocurrencies


Coinbase comes in third place as the best exchange for crypto beginners. Their trading platform offers access to over 100 crypto assets, fast trade execution, rewards on trading, and a beginner’s friendly interface. Trading fees are above the industry average.

Coinbase Pro is available for professionals with access to a lower fee structure and advanced tools, including stop-loss orders, advanced charting, and indicators. Users will not find an option to trade futures or to trade on margin accounts.

Customer support is below the industry average.


04. Kraken: Best Trading Platform for Bitcoin


Kraken is a well-established and the oldest crypto exchange with industry-leading technology. It finished in fourth place as the best trading platform for Bitcoin in Turkey. It is a great choice for advanced crypto investors looking for margin and futures trading options, sufficient trading volume, and low trading costs.

Kraken’s proprietary trading platform allows users to buy and sell digital currencies with the lowest fees in the industry, multiple order types, valuable educational resources, and quick buy features. The mobile version is available on iOS and Android and has all the trading tools from the web version.

High-net-worth clients are the only ones allowed to use the exchange’s consultation and management services.  

05. Bitpanda: Best Beginner-Friendly Exchange


Bitpanda is a top European retail broker of Bitcoin. It offers a versatile portfolio with access to popular coins, including Ethereum and Litecoin. Bitpanda has a secure mobile app with a beginner-friendly interface. It is a trustworthy trading platform with useful trading tools.

This exchange is available worldwide to traders at all levels. Accounts that don’t complete verification receive access to a free Bitpanda wallet to send/receive money. Verified accounts get full access to all Bitpanda services. 

06. CEX IO: Best Cryptocurrency Exchange


CEX IO is finishing up our list of the top 6 crypto exchanges for Turkish citizens. With more than 90 different crypto asset classes, its advanced trading tools, cross-platform trading, and availability in all MENA countries, it is a great fit for advanced traders. has high trading fees for debit/credit card transactions. Deposits are charged with a 2.99% fee, while withdrawals have a fee of 3%.   

All traders receive staking rewards and access to a reliable mobile app enabling them to buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly and inexpensively.

How To Pick a Crypto Exchange?

The main aspects to take into account when selecting an exchange include fees, digital platforms, mobile apps, deposits & withdrawals, assets, customer service, liquidity, and safety.

Fees: Avoid crypto exchanges that have high fees on trades, overnight costs, and hidden fees.

Trading platforms: Choose intuitive, beginner-friendly, and fast executing crypto platforms.

Mobile Trading: Mobile crypto trading apps should offer the same tools and services as their web versions.

Deposit & Withdrawal: Select an exchange that provides your preferred deposit and withdrawal solutions with low costs or no fees.

Assets: Search for the best coverage of asset classes. Exchanges not offering access to popular altcoins should be avoided.

Customer support: New crypto traders must look for fast and professional customer service in their language.

Liquidity: High liquidity and trading volumes offer guarantees that you will be able to sell your crypto assets.

Security: Top exchanges offer proof of funds, penetration tests, and have a long track record in the industry. Always check safety features with the crypto exchange security rating agency (

*Safety Risks For Turkish Citizens

Trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange for Turkish citizens is government-regulated and has a trading license. Larger exchanges have a banking history.

Regulation Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Turkey

The Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) manages crypto service providers on compliance problems and AML laws in Turkey. The Capital Markets Board (SPK) oversees the crypto market, including token and ICOs offerings. Cryptocurrency exchanges registered in Turkey need to follow the regulatory guidelines from the MASAK, SPK, and AML laws. All authorized exchanges have to identify users based on KYC standards and maintain records. Exchanges that don’t have authorization are subject to financial and criminal charges. 

Is Cryptocurrency trading legal in Turkey?

Trading cryptocurrency in Turkey is not illegal, but the financial environment is challenging. Even though there isn’t a specific ban on trading digital assets in Turkey, many regulatory bodies cite crypto as a type of evasion of taxes. 

How to Start Trading WitheToro?

eToro is the most popular crypto exchange in Turkey because of zero hidden fees, copy trading tools, a demo account, and a beginner-friendly platform. Below are the steps you need to take in order to start trading on eToro.

STEP 1: Open up the eToro Official Website
Find the link to the eToro crypto section under this link here:

STEP 2: Click on the “Get Started” Button


STEP 3: Verify Your Trading Account
To buy cryptocurrency using eToro, you need to open a trading accountverify your account and make a deposit. This will enable you to buy, hold and sell crypto assets using this trading platform.


STEP 4: Buy Cryptocurrency
You can buy, hold and sell fractions of each crypto asset. To own a crypto coin, you don’t need to buy the whole coin.



We recommend as the best crypto exchange for Turkish crypto enthusiasts. They offer secure exchange services simultaneously, competitive fees, advanced trading tools, a user-friendly platform, and the availability of a versatile crypto portfolio. Binance comes in second, based on its overall low fees and excellent trading platforms.

The results from our final verdict are based on our evaluation process, where we research and analyze all aspects of crypto exchange services, including fees, trading platform, mobile trading, deposits & withdrawals, assets, customer support, liquidity, and security.


What Is A Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A centralized exchange is a secure private provider with crypto trading platforms. This type of exchange will request registration and identification under the Know Your Customer rules. Some of the leading centralized exchanges are Kraken, Coinbase, and Binance. 

What Is A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A decentralized exchange does not have a central point of…

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