Nanaimo men facing 30 drug charges after extensive dark web & cryptocurrency


The group also advertised heroin, but ultimately delivered fentanyl mixed with other drugs.

Seyed’s release also stated the group used a variety of techniques to stay anonymous.

“(The dark web) is accessed through special Internet Protocol anonymizing browsers…that hide the user’s digital footprint, making it virtually impossible to pinpoint the source user.”

An online investigation eventually transitioned into the real world when investigators identified a Nanaimo address as the vendor’s actual location.

Search warrants were conducted on a pair of Nanaimo residences in February 2020 after police identified Kien Trung Pham, Kerry Chang and Gordon Brooks as suspects.

The trio was arrested and face an extensive list of charges.

Pham will answer to 11 counts of trafficking a controlled substance, four counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

His history with police includes multiple driving-related offences as well as drug and firearm charges in 2018.

Brooks faces seven charges of trafficking a controlled substance and another seven counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

He has an extensive criminal record dating back to 2003 involving charges of theft, drug possession for the purpose of trafficking and failing to appear for court dates.

Chang faces just a single charge of trafficking a controlled substance. His criminal record also dates back to the early 2000’s with charges of possession of stolen property, theft, breaching sentencing orders and drug possession.

All three are due to appear in court on June 7.

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