Crypto Market Crash Drops Prices of GPUs by 50 Percent


The prices of top GPUs have taken a sharp decline as of late due to the reduced demand in cryptocurrency mining. The shortage, as well as high secondary market prices, has been steady for the past two years, leading to a frenzy of resellers looking to cash in on the premiums.

While companies like NVIDIA tried to curb miners by throttling speeds, it didn’t stop the Nvidia RTX 3080 from reaching a secondary price of $1,613 USD in January versus its retail price of $699 USD. As Sean Hollister of the Verge reports, many of the top GPUs have dropped over 50% in price over the last six months.

One of the biggest factors driving this decline is the lack of demand for cryptocurrency after the market crash from back in May, where mining is no longer as lucrative. Those interested in seeing the full breakdown of the changes in price for various GPUs, as well as some great alternatives, can head over to The Verge to see the full list.

In other tech news, ASUS is dropping RTX graphics card prices by up to 25%.

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